2 Old School Pool Games to Teach Your Kids

two kids learn old school pool games

“Marcooooo?” Anytime anyone calls out Marco, most of us automatically respond, “Polo!” We’re instantly away to our own childhoods filled with gleeful screams and splashing away. How can you make sure your own children build similar childhood memories that they’ll remember fondly? By teaching them the same classic pool games from your own childhood. Do you need a quick refresher? Here are 2 old school pool games to teach your kids. 

Marco Polo

What’s more old school than Marco Polo? Not much. Make sure your own kids can experience the joy that is swimming around trying to tag your friends with your eyes closed. The rules are simple. One person is designated as “Marco” and everyone else is trying to avoid being tagged. Whoever is Marco must close his or her eyes. This person begins by calling out, “Marco?” Everyone else must respond with, “Polo!” Using only his or her hearing, Marco must move toward the other players and try to tag them. Each time Marco calls out, the other players must respond. When someone is finally tagged, that person becomes the new Marco, and the game continues. 

All players must remain in the pool, and Marco’s eyes must remain closed. If Marco suspects that someone has left the water, he or she can yell, “Fish out of water!” The person out of the water has to become the new Marco. Enjoy hearing the squeals of delight from your own children as they attempt to escape while you watch from the sidelines and relax in the shade!


Another classic pool game is Categories. In this game, choose one leader who stands on one end of the pool. The other players stand at the opposite end. The leader chooses a category like ice cream flavors, colors, or pets and announces it to the other players. Silently, those players choose an item that fits within the chosen category. For example, if the leader says ice cream flavors, then one player could choose mint chocolate chip.

Next, the leader begins to call out items within the category with his or her back turned to the other players. When a player hears his or her chosen item, they jump into the pool and race to the other side. When the leader hears someone jump in, they turn around, jump in, and race to their opposite side. The person who reaches their opposite side of the pool first wins, and another leader is chosen for the next round. 

In another variation, the object is for the leader to tag one of the players after they hear their chosen category item and jump in but before they reach the opposite side of the pool. This gives the opportunity for the players to sneak past the leader. They can ease into the pool when their category choice is called and silently swim to the other side. This means the leader has to be an excellent listener, and the players have to be extra sneaky. Either variation is great fun for all involved. 

While you’re teaching your own youngsters to play the old school games you loved when you were a child, make sure all A-Quality Pools is your stop for all of your pool supplies in the North Richland Hills area. Stop by today to check out our new showroom! You’ll have loads of fun this summer with your family and friends.

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