3 Ideas for the Best Backyard Valentine Date

With going out for Valentine’s day a little dicey this year, it’s fun to plan an excellent and fun alternative! Play it close to home and romance that special someone in the comfort and safety of your own personal retreat. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and you need ideas for the best backyard Valentine date! Here are some of the top offerings you can find at A-Quality Pool Service.

Hot Tub Valentine

Nothing says quality time that’s free from distraction like soaking in the warm bubbles of a Sundance® Spa with someone you love. Kick it up a notch by adding in your own romantic spin. Float some rose petals and add some flickering candle light, or hang outdoor lights to your spa area. Your sweetheart is sure to be surprised with a little mood-setting music and some fancy drinks to celebrate your love. And don’t forget decadent snacks! Some chocolate-covered strawberries or a charcuterie board will keep you feeling your best while also making the evening feel special. And remember to make sure your spa is crystal clean — we can help with that.

Sweating in the Sauna 

What could be more intimate than relaxing in the hot tub? Sweating it out together in an Almost Heaven Sauna is sure to bring you closer together. For those of you who want some added health benefits to your Valentine’s date, it might just be perfect. Benefits of a sauna session include reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow, which can increase your energy levels after your session. Also, just the act of spending dedicated time together can increase intimacy. During your session you can talk or just simply be together. Inviting your date into a private sauna session with you says you care! And not only do you care about this person, you also care about his or her health. You can find exceptional sauna choices at A-Quality Pools.

Grilling for your Sweetheart 

Finally, who doesn’t love spending an evening grilling delicious foods outdoors with the one you love most? Invite your Valentine into your backyard oasis and woo them with your Green Mountain Grill® and all its versatility. Let’s be honest, cooking is a love language. With your Green Mountain Grill you can make just about anything. You can design the perfect dinner for your backyard date! We suggest you start with an appetizer of bacon-wrapped shrimp, then slide into a delicious entrée of smoked salmon, and finish with some sweet smoked bananas topped with drizzled chocolate and whipped cream for dessert. Leave your date awestruck with your grilling skills, and spend a lovely evening together enjoying your backyard.

Don’t just limit yourself to one idea! Combine two or all of these backyard Valentine date ideas, or come up with your own Valentine’s date! You can grill while your date relaxes in the hot tub or sauna. If you’re a competitive couple, have a grill-off to see who is the ultimate grill master. There are so many possibilities when you’ve worked hard to build the perfect home together.

Is your home haven missing the perfect Sundance Spa, Almost Heaven Sauna, or Green Mountain Grill? Let us know! Do you need also help maintaining your pool or spa? A-Quality Pools can help with that, too. Contact us today to see just how the amenities at A-Quality Pool Service can transform your life and relationship each and every day of the year.

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