4 Ways to Dress Up Your Hot Tub This Halloween

Feeling spooky? So are we!

Whether you’re thinking of going trick-or-treating, throwing a big party, or just relaxing at home with the family, Halloween is always a fun time. And this year, why not incorporate your hot tub into the festivities as well? Here are four fun ways to dress up your hot tub this Halloween.

Set the Right Tone

This is probably the easiest thing you can do to create a fun vibe, especially if your hot tub is equipped with color-selectable lighting.

Choose your color depending on your desired theme. Red lighting is effective for setting a mysterious mood and goes great with blood-themed costumes. Green can also be a good choice for a zombie or radioactive apocalypse. Or you can just go with pumpkin orange for a classic Halloween feel.

And don’t forget – even if you can’t change the colors in your spa, you always have other options. Choose floating LEDs or buy colored light bulbs to flood the whole area with whatever color you want! 

Make It Pop!

Remember when you went trick-or-treating as a kid? The best houses always had front yards teeming with Halloween props and surprises waiting to leap out at you. So why not treat your guests to the same level of scare on their way to the spa? Classic Halloween decorations are always hard to beat. But here’s a tip: don’t put props in the hot tub! Your filter will thank you later.

Put Everyone on Edge

Okay, yes: spider webs count as props. But since spiders are just the absolute worst, they get their own category. You can buy specialty cobwebs from Halloween suppliers everywhere, or you can just make your own by pulling apart cotton balls. If your hot tub is in a gazebo, under an overhanging roof, or even has an umbrella, set up a big ugly spider hanging down over your guests’ heads!

Add a Layer of Mystery

Nothing says spooky quite like fog. Dry ice works great, but it can be tricky to keep the fog effect going. You can always buy a fog machine, but if you’re feeling handy you can also make one for a fraction of the price! 

And remember, before hosting any hot tub party (scary or not!), always give your spa a good cleaning and test the water to make sure it’s in balance. And afterward, don’t forget to test and adjust your sanitizer levels, too! As always, if you need any help or advice, contact us right away. The exceptional staff at A-Quality Pools is always happy to help. Happy Halloween!

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