5 Reasons to Convert to a Saltwater Pool

When you’re installing your new pool, there are so many options to choose from, so most people go with what they know. What most people know is a traditional chlorine cleaning system for their pool. Those systems are great, but you know what else is great? A saltwater pool! If you’ve ever thought about converting to a saltwater pool, now may be the time to dive in. Here are 5 reasons to convert to a saltwater pool today.

Easier to Maintain

Salt water pools are easier to maintain than their chemical-chlorine counterparts. Most chlorine pools need to be checked weekly for chemical balance, and you usually need to add more chlorine on a weekly basis as well. Some saltwater systems can go a little longer without needing to be checked, and then you just balance your chemicals. You may need to shock your pool less often, as well. 

Just as Clean

You may have heard that saltwater pools have less chlorine, and you heard correctly. But don’t be alarmed by the fact that there’s less chlorine! Your pool will be just as clean. The lower chlorine level of saltwater pool systems is part of the design. Instead of adding super concentrated chlorine tablets or sticks, the saltwater generator breaks down the salt into sodium chloride to sanitize the pool. The generator works in a way that maintains a more balanced, consistent amount of chlorine that will work just as well to sanitize your pool.

Better for You

And guess what! Because saltwater systems maintain your pool with a lower chlorine content, they’re generally better for your overall health. The water will be softer, smoother, and easier on your skin when you convert to a saltwater pool. The lower chlorine content also keeps your swimsuit colors nice and bright instead of fading like they can in other chlorine systems. 

Less Cost

Another reason you should absolutely convert to a saltwater pool is that it costs less to maintain in the long run. The initial investment may be more, but the salt that you add to your pool is far less expensive than the chlorine tablets you would need to add on a traditional chlorine system. That’s where you’ll see your money saved.

Current Chlorine Shortage

And perhaps the most intriguing reason is the current chlorine shortage. Due to a fire caused by Hurricane Laura in 2020, a rise in tariffs on imported ingredients, and the pandemic, much of the nation’s chlorine supply is gone. What supplies you will be able to find may have extra cost associated. So if you’ve been on the fence about it, now is a great time to convert to a saltwater pool.  Also, A-Quality Pools currently has a great special going on that will allow you the free use of a Jandy® TrueClear® salt cell system if you sign up for weekly maintenance service!  So, what are you waiting for? Give our super friendly staff at A-Quality Pools a call today, and we’ll be happy to discuss all the reasons you should definitely convert your current pool to a saltwater system. You can reach us at 817-281-0781 or email service@aqualitypools.com to get started on your saltwater pool conversion. Happy swimming!

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