6 Signs You Need a Pool Renovation

Is your pool showing signs of deterioration, an aged or dated look, or even major repair issues? At A-Quality Pools, we specialize in quality pool renovation! We enjoy helping our customers upgrade the look and function of their backyard pool. If you’ve been considering the possibility of a pool repair or renovation of any scale, we can help! Are you ready for a stunning and updated pool? Here are six signs you need a pool renovation.

Vinyl Liner Concerns 

If your pool has a vinyl liner, it is common for the liner to need to be replaced. On average, vinyl liners will last anywhere from 6 to 12 years before needing replacement. You may notice the liner begin to sag or wrinkle as it loses its elasticity. Also, the sun’s intense UV rays can cause the pool liner to crack and fade in color over time. As the liner gets more and more cracked and brittle, it will need to be replaced. Additionally, if a vinyl liner pool gets a cut or tear, it can be patched. But if you are frequently patching the liner, it is time for a large pool repair.

Concrete Finish Concerns 

Concrete pools need to be resurfaced approximately every 10 years, though it could be more often with heavy use. Large cracks in your pool should be addressed quickly. Also, as the surface wears down, it can also become rough to the touch and scuff up little knees and toes. Some new replastering will get it back into tip-top shape.

Water Concerns

Another sign you might need a pool renovation is if the water levels are drastically dipping. Water evaporation is a common and natural occurrence. However, your pool water should not go lower than more than two inches a week. If it does seem you are losing water at a higher rate, you could have a pool leak that needs to be repaired. 

Pool Equipment Concerns

The pump and filtration system are vital to the health and wellbeing of your pool. If essential pool equipment is not functioning properly, the rest of your pool will suffer. You should consider replacing your pool equipment if it makes loud, unpleasant noises, shuts off frequently, is unable to suction water easily, or is more than 10 years old. Or, if you are having major water quality issues that just can’t be resolved, pool equipment that is dated may be the culprit. By replacing your pool equipment, you can keep your pool sparkling clean and increase the life of the rest of your pool.

Design Concerns 

While the look of your pool does not necessarily affect its function, it can affect your enjoyment. If you dislike the look of your pool, we can help you design the pool of your dreams! Our specialist will inspect your pool then sit down with you to discuss options and make a design plan for a beautiful pool renovation. This is the perfect time to add amenities to your pool for the ultimate in backyard enjoyment.

Safety Concerns

If there are pool repairs needed that create a safety concern, now is the time to have a pool renovation completed. Don’t put yourself, your family, or others at risk. We can also upgrade your pool with advanced safety features such as a pool fence, LOOP-LOC® safety cover, and more!

Don’t delay having a pool repair done. Waiting to fix issues can cause greater long-term damage to your pool or prevent you from fully enjoying it. Contact us at A-Quality Pools to discuss your options for the perfect pool renovation. Give us a call at 817-587-8674 to get started.

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