Are Hot Tubs Healthy to Use?

Are hot tubs healthy to use?

If improved health was at the top of your New Year’s resolutions, then you’re in luck! Using a hot tub regularly has proven health and wellness benefits that can push you toward your goals. But are hot tubs healthy to use? Absolutely! Just like anything else, they need to be cared for properly. Follow these simple steps to keep your hot tub safe and healthy all year long.

Make Hot Tub Maintenance a Priority

First and foremost, keep hot tubs healthy to use by staying on top of water maintenance. Hot tub water care is not complicated — it just requires consistency to stay clean, clear, and safe to use. This is why at A-Quality Pools, we recommend you reserve the same time slot every week to test and balance your hot tub water.

Pick a time that you are typically home and not obligated by other things. You can also bring a sample of your hot tub water to our store anytime for a free, computerized water test. This water test will let you know the exact chemicals your hot tub needs.

Another choice for keeping your hot tub water healthy to use is to sign up for A-Quality’s hot tub service. Our service team will come to your hot tub once a week to take care of all the testing, balancing, and chemical needs. Let our experts handle your spa maintenance and ensure your hot tub is healthy to use.

Shock Your Hot Tub When Needed

In addition to regular water care, it is best to shock your hot tub when needed. Hot tub shock is a concentrated amount of spa chemicals that kill bacteria, rid the water of organic matter, and remove any byproducts from your regular hot tub chemicals. It is recommended that you shock your hot tub once a week, as well as after heavy use. 

Replace the Hot Tub Water Regularly

To keep your hot tub healthy to use, you should drain and refill your hot tub water approximately once every three months, depending on use. Draining a Sundance® Spa is simple and quick! First, add Sundance Spas’ Jet Line Cleaner to the water and let the jets circulate for 15 minutes. Then, shut off the power to your hot tub, remove the front cabinet panel, and connect a garden hose to the Quick Drain® Valve. Once you open the drain valve, your hot tub water will empty in no time. 

While your hot tub is empty, take the time to clean the hot tub interior and filters. Then fill it with water again.

Enter Your Hot Tub Clean

Keeping your hot tub clean and healthy to use also depends on your personal habits and hygiene. Try your best to enter your hot tub with limited amounts of lotion, perfume, makeup, and the sort. The oils from these types of products can clog your hot tub filters and make your sanitizers work overtime. Additionally, you do not want to get in the spa especially dirty or sweaty. Take a shower ahead of time if needed. 

Contact A-Quality Pools to learn more about hot tub care. Investing in a high-quality hot tub like a Sundance Spa will give you peace of mind that your hot tub is safe and healthy to use. Stop by our store to see our selection. Order today and start enjoying your Sundance Spa in no time! 

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