Best Time of Day to Use My Hot Tub in Summer

Hot tub in Summer

Sliding into a hot tub in the middle of a hot Texas summer may not sound like the most relaxing choice to most people, but hear us out. There are some good reasons to continue using your hot tub in the dead of summer, but you do want to be strategic about it. So, what’s the best time of day to use my hot tub in summer? We’re glad you asked. 

You should definitely consider the air temperature when you think about the best time of day to use your hot tub in the summer. Early mornings and evenings are going to be the prime times to use your hot tub during the warm summer months.

Early Mornings

Even on days when the mercury rises into the nineties, there will be cooler times of the day. Make good use of that time. Before the sun rises can provide a truly peaceful opportunity to soak into the early morning hours. Think of the added relaxation factor as you greet the day and watch everything come to life outside as the sun rises. The chirping birds, the dewy grass, and the gentle hum of your hot tub pump creates a gentle start to help you tackle the rest of the day. There’s even some evidence that watching the sunrise can be good for you, and it certainly won’t hurt. 


If the thought of rising before the sun (or even with it) is absurd to you, consider an evening soak. As the sun begins to descend in the sky, the temperatures automatically begin to drop. Now, you may be thinking there isn’t a huge difference between 95 degrees and 90 degrees, but the temperature will continue to drop into the night. And imagine the added relaxation factor of a beautiful sunset and a cool beverage to your Sundance® Spa experience. Imagine all the cares of your day dropping with the setting sun. As darkness falls, the frogs sing, and the stars begin to twinkle you can spend the summer evening soaking and relaxing your cares away.  

Benefits and Other Opportunities

There are also some added benefits of using your Sundance® Spa in the summer. This is the time of year when most people exercise their muscles more than any other. Yardwork, fun runs, playing outside with children, and maintaining that beach body are just a few of the reasons that your muscles may be a little more tired in summer than other times of the year. The warm water of your hot tub is the perfect treat for your tired muscles and can help relax a body after a long hot day working in the sun. 

Also, consider overcast or rainy days. There’s something extra special about a hot tub soak in a rainstorm. 

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