Can I Convert an Old Shed to a Pool House?

pool house

So, you’ve got your outdoor pool cleaned and sparkling, your pool equipment in place, and all the accessories you need for awesome swimming. And now you are thinking that a pool house might be nice. Do you have a place for your pool guests to change? You can certainly let people use your house. That could be a bit of a hike, though. And don’t forget about all those wet footprints. There’s got to be a better way, right?

If you’ve got an old shed that isn’t being used, why not turn it into a pool house? With some simple additions and a quick refresh, it’s an easy update to make. That unused structure will be transformed into a cute, convenient, and useful addition to your pool area.

Need a Pool House? Clean Out and Spruce Up Your Shed

The first step to making your old shed a stunning pool house is to get rid of the storage inside. Find another home for gardening tools, sporting equipment, and anything else inside. Clean up any dirt, debris, or cobwebs and then get started on refreshing the structure.

Roll on a new coat of paint or wood finish to make the shed look brand new. Then, feel free to bump up the aesthetic appeal by adding:

  • French doors
  • Large windows
  • Additional lighting
  • Fun décor
  • New floors or carpeting

It’s a good idea to ensure the flooring is water-resistant, since wet feet will be common.

Add Some Convenient Pool House Features

Now it’s time to make the like-new shed feel like a charming and convenient little pool house. Think about what you and your guests will need or want while swimming. Here are some great ideas!

A Changing Space

Throw up a curtain to separate out a portion of the interior and give guests some privacy. Install a full-length mirror and maybe even a bench to use while changing.


For some space to store guests’ belongings, hooks are a useful, simple, and cheap. Guests can hang purses, clothes, or towels to keep them dry and out of the way.


You’ll want to stock your pool house with essentials, which we’ll get into later. A good way to store pool party necessities is to throw up some floating shelves.

Vanity Area

You or your guests may want to freshen up after a day of swimming. Install a bathroom or a countertop with a mirror hung above it for optimum primping conditions.

Stock Your Pool House with Swimming Necessities and Accessories

Now that you’ve got that old shed looking fabulous and convenient, it’s time to add the best parts. Use all those shelves to store the things your guests will love:

  • Pool toys and inflatables
  • Goggles, swim caps, and flippers
  • Towels, sunscreen, and tanning oil
  • A mini fridge with drinks and snacks
  • A cooler full of ice

You work hard to keep your pool clean and maintained. Why not also make swimming convenient? Turning that old shed into a gorgeous pool house is a great way to round out your pool area. Here at A-Quality Pools, we want your swimming experience to be as enjoyable and safe as possible. If your pool is in need of maintenance, or if you want to give it a facelift, we want to help! Contact us today to find out how our pool services can elevate your swimming experience.

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