Can I Modernize My Existing Swimming Pool?

Can I modernize my existing swimming pool?

Remember the old game show called Pyramid? One player would call out related words until the other player guessed the given category. Here, let’s play a round. See if you can guess what these words might be describing: Summer, relaxation, fun, peace, enjoyment, splashing, serenity, retreat, oasis, great memories! 

Did you guess it? The category was “swimming pool!” Admittedly, it wasn’t the most difficult of categories. Your swimming pool should be a place of ultimate relaxation and a place to retreat for fun and enjoyment. If, for whatever reason, you would not use these words to describe your pool, you can definitely change that. Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Can I modernize my existing swimming pool?” The answer is a resounding YES. You can give your pool a fresh, modern look that you love without having to build a new one. At A-Quality Pools, we specialize in helping pool owners in North Richland Hills renovate and repair their existing pools. Keep reading to learn more about modernizing your pool. 

Ways to Modernize Your Existing Swimming Pool

Vinyl Liner Replacement

If you have a vinyl liner pool, there are two reasons to replace it. First, the liner is cracked, sagging, losing water, or in need of replacing due to age. Typically, vinyl liners last around 5 to 10 years before you can expect them to need replacing. The second reason to replace your vinyl liner is because you want a new look. Both reasons are fully valid! Read here to learn more about what’s involved in replacing a vinyl liner in your pool.

Concrete Pool Renovation

Is your pool looking a little tired and uninspired? Concrete pool renovation is usually a little more involved but totally doable. You can completely change the look of your pool and modernize it with the right renovations. Possible concrete pool renovations include changing the shape or size of the pool, adding in-pool seating, creating a tanning ledge or beach entry, or even adding an adjacent inground spa. 

For concrete pool renovation, our team will visit your existing pool and work with you to make a plan. Together, we can design a modernized pool that fits your style, needs, and budget. To get a better idea of the process, read here about what goes into a concrete pool renovation.

Upgrade Your Pool Equipment

The lifeline to your pool’s function is its equipment, such as the filtration and pump systems. Having these systems working properly is essential to safe and practical pool use. If your pool equipment is not functioning properly, such as major water quality issues, poor water suction, or loud noises, upgrading it is a great idea and way to modernize your pool and keep your pool in use. When you add new pool equipment with cutting edge technology, your pool can be clean and clear and ready for use at all times. 

Modernize Your Pool’s Features

One of the most popular and fun ways to renovate your pool is with new, modern pool features. For example, LED lights can be added to the pool’s interior for an elevated ambiance. Another popular option is the addition of a decorative water feature such as waterfalls or laminar jets. Also, many pool modernization projects trade out the traditional diving board for an exciting (and possibly even safer) slide. 

Install Pool Safety Features

Safety features as well as safety awareness have progressed over the years. With all pools old or new, safety is the number one priority. One of the best ways to modernize your pool is with the addition of new or missing safety features. If your pool needs a new or updated pool fence, our team at A-Quality Pools can help you choose and install one. In addition, update your pool with a new safety cover. LOOP-LOC® Safety Covers are exceedingly strong, customized to fit your pool, and come in a variety of stylish color options. There is no pool cover as safe and secure as LOOP-LOC. Make safety a priority with these pool renovations. 

When to Start Your Swimming Pool Renovation

When You’re Ready for Greater Fashion and Function

The first step to renovating your pool is to determine when the right time is. If modernizing your pool is important to you and will allow you to fully enjoy using it, then now is a great time to begin your renovation. The need for renovation can go far beyond fashion. Additionally, if your pool has critical concerns with function, then now is the time to pursue that option as well. These functional concerns might include, among others, major water leaks and pool equipment malfunctions.

The right timing for pool repair and renovation is really important. The last thing you want is to wait until it’s too late and then have to close your pool down while waiting to be repaired. For more clarity, check out how to tell if your pool renovation can’t wait one more summer

When You Move to a New Home

Moving into a home with an existing pool can feel a little risky. You’re excited about having a pool while at the same time concerned about potential issues or an out-of-date look. Before closing on a potential house, we highly recommend you have a pool inspection completed by a certified pool inspector. This will give you a better idea of the condition of the pool and confidence moving forward. With any concerns an inspector raises, calculate the cost to repair it and decide if it is still a good purchase. You can even speak with your realtor about having the seller pay for some or all of the pool repair. 

If you decide to purchase a home with an older pool, it’s no problem. Our team at A-Quality Pools can handle any pool repair job. Read here for more on if you should buy a home with a swimming pool that needs renovation. 

Contact A-Quality Pools to Modernize Your Swimming Pool

If you’re ready to modernize your swimming pool, A-Quality pool service is the number one choice for pool renovation and pool repair in Tarrant County and beyond. Contact our team to get started with the design and renovation so that relaxation, enjoyment, oasis, and retreat are words that describe your swimming pool after all.

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