Checking on Your Pool Cover This Winter

Sadly, pool season is over and we’ve entered into the winter off-season. And because you are an attentive pool owner, you are already aware that closing your pool for the winter doesn’t mean you can forget about it. Checking on your pool cover this winter is important as you wait for the warm days of summer to reappear once again.

Being the A+ pool owner that you are, you’ve taken all of the necessary steps needed to ensure your pool is well protected. As the winter winds cause a shiver down your spine, you are already longing for the day when once more you can bask in the sunlight as you float blissfully across clean, clear water. But until then, take care of your pool cover for an easier spring opening.

Why taking the time to cover your pool is important.

A good safety cover for your pool is one of the ultimate pieces of equipment every pool owner needs. Your pool is a big investment that you want to protect so that you can enjoy it for many years to come. By covering your pool properly in the winter you won’t discover unsightly stains, algae growth, or have to battle water imbalances that could damage your pool’s surface. By using a pool cover, you have easier pool openings along with cleaner start-ups. A cover blocks debris and sunlight, and conserves the winter chemicals that you so carefully added when closing up for the season. For these reasons alone your pool cover will pay for itself with the money you save by using it.

The importance of proper pool preparation.

By taking proper steps early on, maintaining your cover during the winter season will be easy. When preparing to use the cover, check it carefully to make sure it is still in good condition and isn’t needing any repair. You’ll want to make sure there aren’t any holes in the cover and that any straps or springs are intact. Once you begin covering your pool, make sure that the pool cover is centered as well.

What to look for when checking on your pool cover.

It’s the end of fall and as you navigate through winter, don’t neglect to periodically check on your pool cover. Some things to look for are:

  • Leaves and debris. Checking on your pool cover is important to see if your cover has become a collection site for leaves and twigs. If so, you’ll want to remove them. Small twigs can actually poke small holes into your cover… which can become bigger holes… which can cause you to have to replace your cover much sooner than expected. If you discover a small hole, you can buy a patch to prevent it from enlarging. If the leaves are wet, give them a few sunny days to dry out. Once dry, use a leaf blower to remove them. Any remaining leaves can then be removed with a leaf net or a soft bristled pool brush. Avoid using anything that could potentially puncture your cover.
  • Rain or snow. It’s just a given that the winter will bring its share of wet, rainy weather.  Check on your pool cover after periods of rain. Excessive amounts of water can cause stress on your pool cover. Too much rain water collected onto your pool cover can also cause it to rip or cave in. You can use a pool vacuum, a pump, or use a hose to siphon water off the cover. Snow isn’t as much of an issue — especially where we live. Avoid using a snow shovel or trying to melt the snow, as this can damage the cover. If you have more than a dusting of snow, it is always a good idea to place some sort of visual marker around the perimeter of your pool. This way you won’t have someone unexpectedly step onto the snow-camouflaged cover.
  • Periodic checks on either spring tension or water bags. Especially for safety reasons, it is important to check on the parts of your cover that help it maintain a tight fit over your pool. If your cover uses springs, it is important to check and make sure that proper tension is maintained. Springs should be half-way compressed. If needed, tighten the springs. If your cover uses water bags, check to make sure none are leaking and replace those that are. Checking tension is important so that gaps do not form that would allow small animals or children to slip into the pool.

At A-Quality Pool Service, Inc., we can help you with any winter-time pool concerns that you may encounter. You can contact us year-round with any of your supply needs or maintenance issues, too. And by taking a few moments to check on your cover during the winter months, you’ll find that you will have an easier, less expensive pool opening once spring has sprung! If you don’t have a pool cover, a fantastic LOOP-LOC safety cover from A-Quality Pools is exactly what you need. Come see us today for the best in winter safety and protection for your treasured pool.

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