Christmas Meal on the Grill

Christmas Meal on the Grill

Christmas is coming soon! Why not make this Christmas unique by throwing a backyard Christmas party? An outdoor party can make this Christmas unforgettable. There are so many other advantages to hosting a backyard party. You don’t have to clean your house before the guests arrive, leaving you plenty of time to do other “Christmasy” things. And the inside of your home stays clean after your guests leave.

The feel and vibe of a backyard party is so different to a conventional Christmas gathering indoors. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual, and the party vibe is elevated to a different level. And then there’s the Christmas grilled-food menu. There’s nothing to beat the flavor and smell of grilled fare infused with elements of nature. This is why your Green Mountain Grill® will be the star attraction this Christmas. Let’s see how you need to plan and prep for this year’s big day.

Prepare for the Weather

Check the weather forecast for the day in advance. Daily temperatures in Fort Worth, Grapevine, and North Richmond Hills, normally, stay in the high 60°F to low 40°F range. However, an unexpected drizzle can impact your preparations. If the weather gets chillier than expected with chances of drizzles, you might want to erect a temporary canopy and keep extra blankets on hand. A Christmas bonfire or an outdoor heater, if it is a night party, will keep your guests cozy and warm. 

Appetizers like these spicy, grilled Indian masala chicken wings are great to serve as your guests arrive. The fiery chicken should warm them up for the revelry ahead. For the vegetarians, try grilled soy-shishito peppers to whet their appetite.

Decide on the Theme and Décor

Your Christmas party theme will set the tone for the party. Do you plan on going contemporary with lively music and dance? Maybe you might choose to opt for a quiet party with a few friends and family to eat, drink, and chat gathered around a bonfire. Stage an outdoor Christmas tree in the center of the yard, and put a few tables and chairs around it. Sit in a circle, and share your stories and tales. Feast on the grilled, Christmas delicacies from your Green Mountain Grill while you share the Christmas spirit with your guests.

How about a BBQ meal as the main course? Applewood smoked turkey suits the Christmas mood to a T. A Green Mountain Grill also enhances the smoky flavor, which is just perfect for the occasion. Glazed tofu sandwiches with jicama slaw will satisfy the taste buds of your vegetarian guests.

Christmas Fun Games and Activities

You’ve set the tone and ambience for the party. Now you have to make sure those little ones don’t stay bored and hungry. You don’t want grumpy kids while the grownups are having a good time. Keeping kids engaged and happy will help adults have some, well, adult time. Check out the list of Christmas games that kids can play Treat the little ones to Grilled meatballs sandwiches or a beautiful Christmas pizza. With the kids satisfied and happy, your backyard party can go on uninterrupted. 

Invite your family and friends to share your spa or sauna, because everyone needs a little relaxation and pampering for Christmas break.

Let Your Green Mountain Grill Cook the Food While You Party

Don’t want to spend all the time cooking while everyone else is having a good time? No problem. Just control your Ledge SS Prime Plus WiFi Silver Green Mountain Grill remotely as you dine and dance the day away.

A-Quality Pools has been serving homeowners in the Fort Worth, North Richmond Hills, and Grapevine areas for years. Reach out to us for a wide selection of Green Mountain Grills, seasonings and accessories to make this Christmas one to remember.

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