Closing Your Pool for the Season

Closing your pool starts with A-Quality Pools.

We’re getting close to that time of year again when closing your pool for another winter is on everyone’s mind. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably feeling a little twinge of sadness right around now, as the idea that you’ll soon be jumping in the pool for the last time of the year starts to sink in.

But thankfully, springtime and a fresh new season of swimming are just a few months away! And with a little planning and some quality time spent closing your pool properly, you’ll be ready for the next season of swimming the moment the weather warms up. Here are the five main things you’ll need to deal with as you plan to close your pool this year.

Closing Your Pool: Pack Up Your Pool Accessories

Remove all your ladders, steps, ropes, and pool toys. In the process, take this opportunity to give them a good inspection: look for any rust, missing fasteners, or worn-out parts. And don’t forget to inspect your pool toys, too! In any case, now is a great time to get replacement parts, accessories, and upgraded pool toys. You’ll be glad you have them ready to go in the spring. Plus, the off-season is a great time to make needed renovations and repairs.

Inspect Your Pool

Look closely: do you see any signs of wear or cracks forming in your concrete or fiberglass pool? How about any rips or tears beginning to show up in your pool liner? It’s way better to find out about these sorts of problems early on, and it’s especially helpful to have the whole winter to deal with them.

Treat Your Pool Water Before Closing Your Pool

Start by balancing your water chemistry, then add winterizing chemicals. A few days later, administer a shock treatment. Finally, adjust your water level. Not sure where your water level should be? Give us a call at 817-281-0781 and we’ll help you figure it out. And since you’ve got us on the phone, ask how our service team can help with closing your pool this year. You might be surprised how easy we can make things for you!

Shut Down Your Pool Equipment

Make sure your pump, filter, heater (if equipped), and lights are working properly, and get any problems fixed now so you’ll have a much easier opening in the spring. Also, check for leaks anywhere in your system, and verify that all equipment wiring is secure and completely sealed up. Then backwash and clean out your pool filter, and clear all water out of your pipes and equipment. Remember, it only takes one cold night to freeze up any water remaining in your equipment. Make sure it is properly winterized.

Install Your Pool Safety Cover

Next, install your pool cover to set the stage for winter safety. Don’t have a safety cover? Get one! A LoopLoc™ Safety Cover from A-Quality Pools offers the ultimate protection for you and your family while your pool is closed. During installation, be careful not to let it drag on the pool deck. After it’s on, double-check the compression of each spring to ensure your cover is at the proper tension.

Get Everything You Need at A-Quality Pools

When springtime comes and it’s easier than ever to open your pool, you’ll be thankful you took a little extra care closing it up now. So go ahead, get the family together, and enjoy one more family swim for the season. Then pick an upcoming weekend and commit to getting your pool closed up just right. And if you need any specific advice for your particular pool situation, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 817-281-0781 or click here to send us a message right from our website! We’re always happy to help!

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