How Do You Connect a Green Mountain Grill to WiFi?

How Do You Connect a Green Mountain Grill to Wifi?

They’re powerful, intelligently designed, and all around impressive. Green Mountain® Grills are loved by customers around America. They’re the leading pellet grill on the market for good reasons, not the least of which is its WiFi capabilities. Yes, you read that right, Green Mountain Grills is the world’s first internet-connected grill. Your Green Mountain Grill can connect to your home and cellular networks, allowing you to control and monitor the cooking temperature, pellet hopper levels, food temperatures, and more, all from your phone. To get started, we will go step-by-step to explain how to connect your Green Mountain Grill to WiFi.

Pre-Step: the Green Mountain Grill App

Before you try to connect to WiFi, start by downloading the Green Mountain Grill app, available for both Apple and android devices. You will use this for all your smart grilling features. It was designed and developed with our customers in mind, made to be simple to use, intuitive, and highly useful. Head into the app store on your phone and click download.

Step One: Connect to the Onboard Wifi

Your Green Mountain Grill has an onboard WiFi signal. So, the first step is to connect your phone (and newly downloaded app) to this onboard signal. Open your smart phone’s WiFi settings and you should see a network that starts with the letters GMG. Once you select this network, it will ask for a password. This password is your grill’s eight-digit serial number. 

If you do not know your pellet grill’s serial number, it is easy to access. First, unplug your grill. Then hold down the up arrow and plug the grill back in. Continue holding the up arrow for 10 seconds. Two numbers will appear on the digital screen. The first number that appears that includes a decimal is the firmware number. Second, it will scroll your serial number.

Once you are connected to the onboard signal, head over to the GMG app. From the home screen, click the “Connect” button in the top left corner. After a few seconds, you should receive a “Happy Grilling” message letting you know you have successfully connected.

Step Two: Connect to Your Home Network

Next up, you need to connect to your home network so you can control your grill from anywhere your network reaches. In the GMG app, click on Settings in the bottom right corner. Then, select the “WiFi Mode” button. You will then be prompted to enter your home network’s name and password. Keep in mind, both of these are case sensitive and must be entered exactly. Wait two minutes for your app to connect to the home network, then go back to the home screen and click “Connect” again. You will again receive the “Happy Grilling” message once it is complete.

Step Three: Connecting to Your Phone Data 

Finally, you need to connect to Server Mode which allows you to use your phone data to control and operate your Green Mountain Grill. This means you check in on your grill even while on the go. To connect, navigate in the GMG app to Settings. Click “Server Mode”, confirm your WiFi password, and wait another two minutes. After this time, return to the screen and click refresh in the top left corner. When an up-to-date grill temperature appears, you will know it has successfully connected.

Step Four: Fire Up Your Green Mountain Grill!

Last, but certainly not least, enjoy grilling the most incredible meals on your Green Mountain Grill using your WiFi controls. From appetizers and meats to sides and desserts, you can do it all on a Green Mountain Grill. To learn more about these unmatched pellet grills, stop by A-Quality Pools in North Richland Hills, Texas. We would love to show you both the Prime and Choice Grill lines and all the amazing grilling accessories to boost your grill love. Enjoy 21st-century grilling with a Green Mountain Grill from A-Quality Pools!

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