Creating Privacy in Your Backyard

When you want a retreat that is restful and quiet, a little privacy goes a long way to making your backyard the most relaxing space. Need some help to bring solitude to your own recreational spaces? Here are some tips for creating privacy in your backyard. 

Create Privacy Zones

One solution to building backyard privacy could be in creating privacy zones in your backyard. The ultimate backyard oasis will have different points of interest. Your pool area, for example, can be made a little more private with the addition of some high and low planters, a water feature with a privacy alcove, or even a full-on pool cabana. You can instantly create little areas of privacy just within your pool space.

Your spa area can also be its own private area. Perhaps consider building a pergola or gazebo for your spa. You can easily add hanging plants or linen curtains to maintain privacy while also adding some interest and fun to your outdoor space. There are even privacy screens on the market that are created specifically to give a beautiful privacy solution to your spa zone.

Even your grilling area can benefit from some added privacy, so no one can steal your secret recipe. Consider building a wooden screen with built-in seating that can both shield your grilling area from any unwanted attention, and provide a relaxing place for your family and guests to enjoy your culinary creations. Creating privacy in your backyard can be a beautiful and functional addition to your space.  

Build Privacy Fences

One tried-and-true backyard privacy solution is a privacy fence. A fence allows you to secure the perimeter of your entire yard instead of one section at a time. You can certainly install the classic privacy fence we all know and love. It will ensure that you are safe to enjoy your backyard space as you wish. But there are so many different options when it comes to installing a fence around your backyard perimeter. Don’t feel limited to wood. Consider newer fence building materials like corrugated steel panels that create a modern feel and strong sense of privacy. Whatever building material you choose, make sure you feel at ease in your own backyard. 

Use Privacy Landscaping

You can even use beautiful plants as a physical barrier to create more privacy in your backyard. It is perhaps one of the more creative and fun solutions. Think of how majestic a row of cedar trees would look at the perimeter of your backyard. Or even consider a more eclectic mix to block out your personal backyard space from the rest of the world. Different heights in plants like magnolia trees and hedges can give your backyard more dimension while still creating that private feeling you crave. You could even consider building a living wall with lattice and climbing vines. The possibilities are endless in creating privacy in your backyard, especially when you use living plants to do it. 

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