Fall Maintenance Tips for your Pool

fall maintenance tips for your pool

As summer draws to a close, it’s time to shift your mindset from swimming all day every day to the slower pace of fall. This will affect your pool, so it’s wise to act accordingly. Here are some fall maintenance tips for your pool.

Scoop the Debris

Fall is one of the more aptly named seasons since things are, you know, falling. It’s those things that you’ll need to be scooping out of your pool—namely leaves, acorns, or any other foreign objects that shouldn’t be floating in your pool. While in the summer you may be able to get away with an occasional dip net session, in the fall this should be a part of your daily routine. At least once a day, make it a habit to scoop out any debris to make sure your pool filter doesn’t become bogged down by the extra floaters. 

Monitor and Maintain the Chemicals

As per usual, you’re going to want to monitor and maintain your chemical balance through the fall season, but there are some interesting differences. In the fall you may notice that you need fewer chemicals. If you’ll remember from this blog, sunlight affects chlorine. It has a pretty significant impact, which is good news for the fall. According to elementary science, the earth tilts as the seasons change which means your pool is getting sunlight from a slightly different angle and less of it. The days are getting shorter and shorter, so the sunlight is having less of an impact on your chemical levels which is good news for you. 

We still recommend at least weekly testing to make sure your chemicals stay balanced. Balanced chemicals are key to the longevity of a lot of your pool equipment, and it’s just easier to maintain a balance than it is to fix an imbalance. This will likely look different in the fall than it does in the summer, so be mindful of that.

Store the Stuff 

Fall is a good time to go ahead and retire the pool toys you use regularly throughout the summer. Of course, keep your favorites out—this is Texas, and there are plenty of warm swimming days to come—but you can start to store some of the less-used inflatables and accessories. Make sure your umbrellas are dry, closed, and stored, preferably in a covered area away from the elements. Deflate your floats and innertubes once you’re sure they’re dry, and store them in a covered area as well. 

Fall is a great time to make sure your pool chemicals and accessories are well organized and cleaned for the next big swim season. Take an afternoon or weekend morning to go through and donate any items you won’t use, and clean and store those items you and your family love. Also, take a minute or two to inventory your chemicals. Make sure you have enough to maintain your pool, and make sure you go ahead and grab what you need from our showroom. 

We’re happy to make sure you have the pool chemicals and accessories you need for the rest of the season. Stop by our showroom and take a look around to make sure you’ve got everything you need. At A-Quality Pools we’re committed to making sure you have the supplies you need to enjoy your entire pool season. 

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