Game Day on the Grill

Game Day on the Grill

Thank goodness — it’s finally football season again. Maybe there’s a chill in the air (maybe not, it is Texas, afterall). Either way, it’s time for game day grilling. So buckle up, buttercup and heat up your Green Mountain® Grill. We’ve got the game plan for game day on the grill. 


As you welcome your guests to your carefully planned, outdoor game day celebration, we recommend you start the grilling games with some impressive appetizers. We’d go with the Miami Wings followed closely by the Amber Beer Brats. You want to please and impress the flavor pallets of all attendees, and that’s easy to do with these two contenders. You’ve got a savory, smoky classic with the brats and a spicy, citrus flavored surprise with the wings. You’ll want to plan ahead as the wings should be marinated overnight for best results and the brats will take three hours of cooking time when done properly. But believe us, it’s worth it. 

This also might be a good time to consider investing in a large grill to accommodate one of the best parts of game day — the grilling. Have you seen the Jim Bowie Green Mountain® Grill  model? It can easily handle your game day grilling needs with it’s 658 square inches of cooking space. Consider game day won. 

The Main Event 

For the main event on your game day grill, we’re going to suggest this classic burger recipe. You just can’t go wrong with an expertly grilled burger, especially as you celebrate the return of football season. Since you just spent three hours watching those brats, these burgers will be a nice change of pace with a much faster cook time of about 11 minutes. Plus you and your guests can customize your burgers however you want as you keep one eye on the game. Pair your delicious grilled burger with homemade potato salad and some Pellet-Grilled Corn on the Cob, and you’ve got the makings of the perfect game-day spread. Now, you’re set up to bring it all home with your final grill master display. 

The After Party

Lastly, it’s time to impress your guests once more while you bask in the glow of your winning team. Did you know you can use your grill pellets to prepare smoked cocktails? It’s true. We have two options for you which both promise to leave your guests happy with their whole game-day experience and may prove to be a little lighter than the three meat smorgasbord from earlier. 

The first is a Smoked Maple Old Fashioned, and the second is a Smoked Rosemary Manhattan. Don’t let the idea of a smoked cocktail overwhelm you. It’s actually pretty simple, and you can have a lot of fun with it if you make sure to remain responsible and careful. All you do is place a handful of pellets on a wooden plank, use a torch to light the pellets, and place your cocktail glass over the pellets to trap the smoke. Leave your glass for a couple of minutes and then pour the cocktail in the glass. The smoke flavor will transfer to the cocktail and solidify your place in the grilling hall of fame. 

Make sure you’re game day ready with your very own Green Mountain® Grill. Need one? We’ve got you covered at A-Quality Pools. Stop by our showroom or call 817-281-0781. We can discuss your next steps for making your game day grilling dreams come true. 

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