5 Hot Tub Safety Tips for Holiday Entertaining

hot tub safety tips for holiday entertaining

‘Tis the season for hot tub holiday parties! But before you make your guest list (and check it twice), complete the host’s most important task: review hot tub safety. This holiday season, stay merry and bright with these five hot tub safety tips for holiday entertainment from A-Quality Pools.

Take Care of Repairs NOW

Does your hot tub need to be repaired? Have you been overlooking a concerning spa component, feature, or function? Have it repaired before you host a holiday party, even if it seems minor. Contact A-Quality Pools — the area’s best spa repair service. Our repair team will fix it fast and fix it right so your holiday entertaining can go on.

Keep Your Hot Tub Water Clean, Clear, and Safe

Hot tub safety starts before your guests ever arrive with proper water care. Regular hot tub maintenance keeps your water not only clean and clear, but also safe for you and your guests to use. Be sure to check and properly balance the water and stop by our store anytime to stock up on hot tub chemicals. You can also shop hot tub supplies online.

If keeping up with regular hot tub maintenance feels like a burden for you, let A-Quality Pools help by signing up for our weekly spa service plan. You don’t have to search far for “hot tub service near me.” We are the best local hot tub service provider — just ask our customers! We will handle all of the water testing, chemical balancing, filter cleaning, and more, so you can focus on the more enjoyable aspects of holiday entertaining and hot tub ownership. 

Remind Guests to Take a Break Between Hot Tub Use

Remember, your holiday guests may or may not be familiar with basic hot tub safety and rules. Remind all guests to use the hot tub for approximately 15-20 minutes at a time. They should then take a cool down break before hopping in the hot tub again. If your hot tub has a cool down seat or a SunCooler® conversion deck found on many Sundance® Spa models, guests can transition to these seats to elevate their body out of the warm water and stay a little longer as well. 

Will kids be attending your hot tub holiday party? If so, you may want to reduce the temperature in your spa to anywhere between 98 and 100 degrees. Also, remind their parents that children should only use a hot tub for brief stints since their growing bodies cannot keep cool the same way an adult’s body can. Protect party goers of all ages with proper hot tub safety. 

Provide Hydrating Snack and Drinks 

Using a hot tub can dehydrate your body without you even realizing. When hosting a holiday party, hot tub safety includes giving guests lots of hydrating food and drink options. This may include water, fruit juice or punch, coconut water, or even decaf tea. It is also recommended to avoid or limit alcohol use when using a hot tub. 

Ensure Safe Entering and Exiting of the Hot Tub

To help protect your guests while entering and exiting the hot tub, consider a few hot tub safety accessories. This may include hot tub stairs with proper tread, additional lighting, and a hand railing. You also want to keep the hot tub deck or surrounding area clear and as dry as possible. Keep towels easily accessible to reduce water from puddling.

We wish you the happiest holiday entertaining this season. If we can help with your hot tub party or hot tub safety in any way, visit our stores in North Richland Hills or contact us at 817-587-9130. We are proud to be the premier hot tub destination for all of Tarrant County and beyond. Happy Holidays from A-Quality Pools!

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