How a Grill Contributes to a Healthy Diet

Green Mountain Grill contributes to a healthy diet

Grilled food sure is tasty, and the right grill contributes to a healthy diet. With a high-quality grill, you can have deliciously smoky and flavorful meals with ease. Grilled meat, veggies, and other foods are also cooked with precision and control when they’re grilled — making food have better texture and flavor. Boost your health this year. Here’s how!

  • Grilled meat is leaner when it’s grilled. It ends up having less fat and lower calories, helping contribute to healthier weight.
  • Grilled food loses fewer nutrients when it’s cooked. With both veggies and meat, you’ll get more nutrients overall when they’re cooked on the grill.
  • You don’t need as many flavor additions. Grilled food is flavorful on its own, without condiments that have empty calories.
  • You’ll have more outside time when you grill. Fresh air and sunshine do the body good.

Meat Cooked on the Grill Has Less Fat

Butter in a skillet certainly makes those calories add up. When you prepare meat on the stovetop or in the oven, it sits in cooking oils and its own fats as it cooks. This means that the fats are sucked up into the meat as it heats up. It’s delicious, but not very healthy.

Grilled meat tends to have lower fat content since no additional oils are needed during the cooking process. The excess fat also works its way out of the meat and drips onto the grill grates or drip pan. This makes a grilled meal a lower-calorie one overall.

Your Grill Contributes to a Healthy Diet: Grilled Food Has More Nutrients

A lot of cooking methods drain a ton of valuable nutrients from your food. This is partially the case when it comes to preparing vegetables and meats. Boiling, sauteing, and steaming are all common cooking methods, but they’re not the healthiest. That’s because all those nutritious vitamins ooze out of the food while it cooks. Since you drain the food after it’s finished cooking, all that goodness goes down the garbage disposal.

You should get all the health benefits possible from your food, right? It’s a good thing grilling your food sears in all those precious nutrients.

You’ll Need Less Condiments

One indisputable fact about grilled food is that it’s packed with flavor. The sear on the outside doesn’t just lock in nutrients. It also locks in all the delicious juices and flavors. With the smokey, grilled flavor and especially with the right grill spices, you don’t need to add much else.

Condiments like barbeque sauce, ketchup, and steak sauce are loaded with sugar. They’re not great for your health. Good thing you don’t really even need them when you’ve grilled that steak to flavorful perfection.

You’ll Spend More Time Outdoors

Grills are outside, and being outside is incredibly healthy. When you spend your cooking time in fresh air and sunshine, your body will thank you. For one thing, you’re not trapped in the house. You also get to soak up some sunshine to boost your vitamin D and maybe even play a game of catch while the grill does its job.

As you can see, the perfect grill contributes to a healthy diet and grilling your food gives your meals a nutritious boost. Here at A-Quality Pools, we love Green Mountain Grills for their quality, convenience, and precise cooking. Check out our selection of Prime Grills, Choice Grills, and even our BBQ dry rubs for a healthier grilling experience. We’d love to answer any questions you have about Green Mountain Grills and show you just how one can contribute to your healthy new lifestyle.

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