How big of a hot tub should I get?

When you walk into a hot tub showroom, you may be taken aback by the wide variety of hot tub sizes, and even shapes. But before you pick the hot tub model that’s right for you, you need to know not only which size hot tub will fit in your space, but which size best fits your needs. So, if you’re wondering how big of a hot tub you should get, consider these two things. 

How much room do you have available?

Measure your available space before you compare hot tub models. Keep in mind that you’ll need extra room around the spa for the cover lifter to operate and to ensure that the maintenance door can be easily accessed. Also, you might want room around your spa for stairs, spa-side tables, and other furniture. Bring in your measurements and we can go over them with you. We’ll make sure the spa you pick will fit well in your space.

How many people will be using your hot tub?

Before you answer that question, take some time to envision how you will use it. Maybe you’re thinking you just want a small spa because it’s just you and your spouse in the house. But are you picturing hot tub parties with your friends and fun soaks with the grandkids when they come to visit? If so, you might be happiest with a hot tub that seats 6-8 people. On the other hand, if you’re really looking forward to quiet, secluded soaks alone or with your partner, a small hot tub might be the perfect fit. If you’re primarily buying a spa for rehabilitation or therapy, even if it’s just for a couple of people to use, you might consider a larger spa because it will offer the most massage variety. 

Have other hot tub questions? Or would you like to take a closer look at the different sizes of hot tubs in person? We’d love to compare models with you. Contact us or come in to check out our selection. 

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