How do Pool Pumps and Filters Work?

Pool pump and filter

Sometimes it’s interesting to just gaze at the intricate mechanical mystery that is your pool pump and filter. But you may find yourself beginning to wonder, “How does that thing actually work?” Knowledge is power, and that’s especially true when it comes to how your pool setup works. So, let’s dive in. How do pool pumps and filters work? 

Pool Pump

First things first. What’s the pool pump? Your pool pump is the part of your pool filtration system that’s responsible for moving the water in and out of your pool and through your filter. It typically consists of a reservoir with a straining basket and an impeller that pulls water through the straining basket and then moves it into the larger filter. The pool pump’s impeller spins and creates suction that pulls your pool water through the skimmer basket intake and drain (if your pool has one), then through the pump’s own secondary straining basket, and then into the pump for the next step in the process. 

Pool Filter

The pool filter is typically the largest component of your setup, depending on the type you have. There are three types of pool filters typically available. They are sand, DE (diatomaceous earth), and cartridge filters. Sand filters are the most cost-effective and common filters for home pools. DE filters offer the clearest water potential, but also have the most maintenance. And cartridge filters are becoming more popular because they filter well, but require a little less maintenance than DE filters. Regardless of the type of filter you have, they all function pretty similarly. 

Pool water enters into the filter and the material inside catches debris and cleans out particulates and pathogens. In sand and DE filters, the owner should regularly utilize the backwash setting to remove the dirt and debris from the filter, but that isn’t necessary for cartridge filters. You do need to clean and degrease cartridge filters, but only two or three times a year, as needed. 

Working Together

The pool pump needs the filter and vice versa. They work together to make sure that your pool water is cleaned and ready for your favorite people to swim and play in. The pool pump brings water into itself from the pool, catching larger pieces of debris first in the large skimmer basket on the pool’s edge and then again in its own strainer. After that, the impeller moves the water into the filter where the much smaller particles can be filtered out and the water can be cleaned down to the micron level. Then the water returns to the pool via the jets. 

So there you have it. That’s how pool pumps and filters work. Each part plays a critical role in keeping your pool water clean and clear for optimal fun. Now you have a solid working knowledge of your pool filtration system. It’s great information to have for parties or other social functions or maybe just if you need to perform some basic pool maintenance. 

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