How Long Do I Cook Ribs on a Green Mountain Grill?

How long do I cook ribs on a Green Mountain Grill?

Get ready for the absolute best, fall-off-the-bone, lick-your-fingers smoked ribs! With a Green Mountain Grill®, our team at A-Quality Pools has perfected the art of smoking ribs, and we would love to share our culinary secrets. For starters, how long do I cook ribs on a Green Mountain Grill? All in, smoking your ribs can take between six to ten hours. Great things take time, but long cooking times are made easy with a GMG grill. Here are some tips and tricks to making the best ribs with a Green Mountain Grill.

How to Get the Timing Right

Timing is important when smoking ribs on your pellet grill. Not cooking long enough leads to tough, overly chewy ribs, while overcooking dries them out and diminishes the flavor. Cooking on a Green Mountain Grill will help you find that sweet spot right in the middle. Equipped with the smart grilling feature, you can monitor and adjust the temperature in your Green Mountain Grill right from your phone. With the smart grilling app, you can also create cooking profiles, turn the grill on and off, and set food timers.

Additionally, you can monitor the internal temperature of your ribs with the food probes. This will help you know exactly when they are done and ready to eat. Pork ribs should hit an internal temperature of 165 to195 degrees, while beef ribs should reach 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Get the Temperature Right

The exact temperature to cook ribs on a pellet grill can vary slightly depending on the cut of ribs. Regardless, the key for getting the temperature right is slow and low. We recommend you cook your ribs at around 165 degrees for the first four to six hours. Then increase the temperature to 225 degrees for the last two to four hours. This allows for that perfectly tender inside with textured exterior. Over time, your experience and personal preference will help you fine tune the exact temperature you prefer to cook your ribs.

How to Get the Flavor Right

Smoking ribs on a pellet grill alone will bring delicious flavor to anything you cook. But there are some ways to increase and perfect the flavor even more. Starting with the pellets you use to cook with, different types of hardwood pellets pull out and accentuate different flavors. Green Mountain Grills’ Texas Blend and Fruitwood Blend are some of our favorites for ribs, but we recommend you try them all to find your personal favorite. 

You can also add flavor with Green Mountain Grill BBQ dry rubs. Try the Roasted Garlic Chipotle, Sizzle, or Pork dry rubs with your ribs! You can also baste the ribs with your favorite sauce for the last hour of cooking.

Other Rib Cooking Tips with a Pellet Grill

Here are a few other pointers for cooking the best ribs on a pellet grill.

  • Rinse off and pat dry the ribs beforehand.
  • For peak flavor, let dry rubs or marinades sit on the ribs for about two hours before cooking.
  • If your ribs still have the silver membrane, remove it before cooking.

For more on cooking with your Choice or Prime Green Mountain Grill, contact A-Quality Pools today! Stop by our store to see our selection of dry rubs and GMG accessories. Bon Appétit as you fire up your GMG pellet grill with some ribs!

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