How Long is the Swim Season in Fort Worth, Texas?

How long is the swim season in Fort Worth, Texas?

Cannon ball contests, sunkissed skin, and quality family time are a few of the reasons that make swim season so much fun. But the fun can’t last forever, can it? Just how long is swim season in Fort Worth, Texas, and the surrounding areas?

Because of the mild winter weather in Texas, pool owners have options when it comes to if and when to close their pool. The first option is to keep your pool open all year long, while the second option is to observe a traditional swim season from late spring to early fall. To help you choose how long to make your swim season, here are the pros and cons of each option.

Option 1: A Year-Long Swim Season


The most obvious pro to keeping your pool open all year is being able to use and enjoy your pool for 12 months of the year. While there are occasional strong winter weather days (we remember you, winter storm 2021!), the Dallas area is known for mild winter weather. When your pool is open, you can swim whenever you’d like. How does a Christmas Day swim sound? Want to swim to meet New Year’s resolutions? Do your kids need to burn some pent-up winter energy? Take a swim in your pool!

Additionally, you will not have to worry about pool closing and opening.


One con of a year-round swim season is the need for year-round pool service. If pool maintenance is a thorn in your side, you might not have the stamina for ongoing pool care. However, with A-Quality Pools you can have all your pool care needs handled for you, all year long! To sign up for the best pool service in the Dallas area, contact our team today!

Another con is the possibility of chilly pool water. Even on a warm winter day, the pool water can still be cold. However, this can be solved by installing a Jandy® or Pentair® pool heater. Stop by our store in North Richland Hills to learn more about which pool heater is best for you.

Finally, when you keep your pool open all year, you risk the possibility of extreme winter weather. Though rare, it does happen on occasion in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. If this occurs, though, there are measures you can take to protect your pool.

Option #2: A Traditional Swim Season (Late Spring – Early Fall)


In addition to getting a break on weekly pool service, following a traditional swim season gives you a chance to address any equipment needs or pool issues. You can also use the shorter swim season to renovate your pool. With A-Quality Pools, you can do nearly any type of pool renovation, from a simple change to major overhaul. We can help you design your dream pool and make it a reality! Contact us to get started. 


The cons for a spring to fall swim season include having to close and open your pool. These tasks can feel complicated if you’re not familiar or experienced with them. But, if you’d like the help and peace of mind that it’s done properly, the A-Quality Pool service team can open and close your pool. We can open your pool between mid-February to mid-March and close between mid-September to mid-October to help you maximize your swim season. 

To close your pool for winter, you will also need a high-quality pool cover. Some pool covers can be a nuisance to install and, if not installed properly, can allow algae to bloom in the off season. This is why A-Quality Pools recommends the exceptional LOOP-LOC® pool safety cover. It has impressive strength and safety features. 

If you’re having trouble deciding if and when to close your pool, know that there is no wrong choice. Enjoy your swimming pool during whichever swim season you choose! For all your pool needs in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, contact A-Quality Pools today.

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