How Much Does a Grill Cost?

How Much Does a Grill Cost?

What happens when cutting-edge technology and culinary science converge with BBQ lovers and a desire for the best possible grill? You get the exceptional cooking experience of a Green Mountain Grill®! So, how much does a high-quality grill like this cost? Green Mountain Grills can range in price from $350-$1,100* and are worth every penny. Here are a few of the reasons why Green Mountain Grills are the best grills for the money, and why you will love having one.

Experience a Superior Fuel Type

Green Mountain Grills use real wood pellets for fuel. These pellets are made from wood shavings that are highly compressed. Grilling with wood pellets is superior because it is all natural, creates minimal ash byproducts, and has high BTU content, which means a long burning time.

GMG pellets are made with premium hardwoods that contribute to a better, all-natural taste. Choose from the Texas, Fruitwood, Gold, and Apple blends. 

The Impeccable Quality of a GMG Grill

Exceptional quality is the thread woven throughout the Green Mountain Grill model. A Green Mountain Grill will give you high-quality flavor, design, research, components, and features. At A-Quality Pools, we believe you can experience the GMG difference after just one grill session. There is no other outdoor grill like Green Mountain Grills.

Fun and Useful Features

Green Mountain Grills have spectacular and useful features not found on any others in the industry. The WiFi capabilities allow you to not only start your grill from afar, but also monitor settings, pellet levels, cooking temperatures, and set timers. The signature 13.5” peaked lid design gives you a massive grilling area while allowing heat to fully circulate for an even cook. Additionally, the dual fan system means efficient heating and effective smoking.

You can also experiment with the Green Mountain Grill accessories for more culinary fun. Try out the GMG Griddle Pan, Wood-Fired Pizza Attachment, Smoker Tub, and more! 

Mouth-Watering Taste

The taste of anything from a Green Mountain Grill is undeniably delicious. The convection-style grill chamber of a GMG outdoor grill allows heat to distribute evenly and continuously. This combined with the precise temperature controls of pellet grilling lead to one-of-a-kind, mouth-watering flavor that’s wonderfully tender and juicy. After just one grill experience, you will want to cook every appetizer, entre, side dish, and dessert on your Green Mountain Grill. You can also vary the hardwood pellet type for different flavor experiences. 

Choose from Green Mountain Grill’s Prime and Choice Grill lines in a variety of sizes, features, and grill costs. At A-Quality Pools, we have Green Mountain Grills to meet your grill level, budget, and preference. Learn more about these exceptional outdoor grills by stopping in our store in North Richland Hills. We can show you the various models, breakdown grill costs, and explain more on why we love GMG pellet grills so much. Contact our team at A-Quality Pools to get your Green Mountain Grill today!

*Prices valid as of January 2023. Prices subject to change.

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