How Much Does It Cost to Run a Swimming Pool?

How Much Does It Cost to Run a Swimming Pool?

Between visions of summertime bliss and poolside fun, potential pool owners typically have one question on their minds: “How much does it cost to care for a pool?” Keeping your swimming pool open for business can cost you anywhere between $100-$300 a month, on average. But this number can vary greatly depending on a few factors. Let’s explore those variables and talk about ways to keep pool costs low when possible.

Factors That Determine Pool Operating Costs

Electrical Needs

One of the largest ongoing expenses for running a pool is the energy costs associated with operating the pool equipment. The main contributors are the pool pump and filtration system, which circulate and clean the water. In most cases, pool owners should run their pool pump for at least eight hours a day. Other potential energy needs in your pool include pool lights, water features, a pool vacuum, and an automatic pool cover, to name a few.

Water Requirements

The primary water expense with a swimming pool is filling it. Filling a swimming pool in Tarrant County can cost between $80-$200 depending on the size of your pool. However, you only have to fill your pool when it is first installed and then every three to five years after that, unless there is a problem. An ongoing water cost, though minimal, would be keeping water levels at the correct level by replacing any that evaporated or splashed out.

Pool Chemicals and Maintenance

Keeping your pool chemicals balanced is a critical part of owning a pool that costs you money, time, and energy. On average, pool maintenance in Fort Worth and surrounding areas can cost between $100 to $200 a month, depending on your type of pool, the chemicals you use, your pool’s specific needs, how frequently you use your pool, and so on.

Ways to Reduce Ongoing Pool Cost

Switch to High-Efficiency Pool Equipment

By trading out your pool equipment for newer, high-efficiency options, you will notice a significant difference in your monthly energy bill. To learn more about the best pool equipment for your pool, contact our team at A-Quality Pools. We carry all the best and proven brands to keep your pool running with minimal costs.

Install a Pool Pump Timer

No more forgetting about the pool pump and realizing it’s been running for days. A pool pump timer will automate the process to keep your pool pump running for the right amount of time. 

Make Repairs to Leaks or Pool Equipment Without Delay

We get it. A pool problem or equipment issue can be stressful. But often, ignoring the warning signs can lead to much larger and more costly issues. If you notice a potential pool leak or equipment problem, have it addressed right away. At A-Quality Pools, we have been in the pool business for decades. There is no pool problem we haven’t seen! Give us a call and our team can have your pool repaired in no time and at an affordable cost.

Proper Pool Maintenance

Keeping your pool properly balanced and maintained plays a significant role in the ongoing costs of your pool. When pool chemicals are kept balanced and the pool is cleaned regularly, your pool equipment works without strain and it can prevent problems from occurring. To ensure your pool is properly cared for on a regular basis, sign up for A-Quality’s routine pool service

For all your pool needs, contact A-Quality Pools. Our family-owned and operated pool business has been serving Tarrant County and its neighbors for more than 45 years. Give us a call or stop by our store in North Richland Hills today!

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