How Much Water Does a Hot Tub Hold?

How much water does a hot tub hold?

Have you been wondering, “How much water does a hot tub hold?” Whether you’re a hot tub owner, hot tub shopping, or just plain curious, it’s important to know. The answer to this question can vary based on your hot tub size, seat types, and basic shape. We will flesh out the different water capacities for various Sundance® spas and explain why it is helpful to know how much water your hot tub holds. 

Water Capacity of 2- to 3-Person Hot Tubs

As you might think, smaller sized hot tubs require less water. Most two- to three-person Sundance spas hold between 220 and 230 gallons of water. For example, the Alicia® 680 holds up to three adults with a water volume of 220 gallons. Both the Dover® 780 and Capri® 880 hold 230 gallons. 

Water Capacity of 4- to 5-Person Hot Tubs

The four- to five-person Sundance spas are roomier with more seating and, therefore, additional water volume. Most four- to five-person hot tubs have a water capacity between 310 to 355 gallons of water. On the lower end, the four person Montclair® 780 holds 310 gallons. The Bristol® 780 and Prado® 680 each hold 350 gallons and 354 gallons, respectively. 

Water Capacity of 6+ Person Hot Tubs

The largest hot tubs in the Sundance line are impressive, powerful, and hold the most water. Six plus person hot tubs range in water volume from 401 gallons all the way up to 540 gallons. On the smaller end, the much-loved Kingston® 980 holds 401 gallons, and the Optima® 880 holds 410 gallons. The Edison® 680 has a water capacity of 350 gallons, while the Maxxus® 880 holds an impressive 540 gallons of water.

Why You Need to Know How Much Water a Hot Tub Holds

Knowing the water capacity of your hot tub not only allows you to be more informed, it helps you make the best decisions and take the best care for your hot tub. For example, you need to know how many gallons your hot tub holds when deciding on the best spot to install your hot tub. With each gallon of water weighing 8.35 pounds, you need to find a location that can securely hold the immense weight of your hot tub, the water weight, and the weight of hot tub users. 

Knowing how many gallons of water are in your hot tub is also useful when calculating and measuring your hot tub chemicals. Obviously, the more water your spa contains, the more chemicals it will require.

It’s also a good number to know when considering your spa’s water usage. You will want to drain and refill your hot tub three to four times a year. You can conserve water use by staying on top of your water maintenance and preventing water evaporation with a high-quality hot tub cover. 

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