How to Protect Your Pool From Severe Weather

Protect your pool from severe weather with these tips.

Are you concerned about safeguarding your pool against the potential impact of severe weather? Despite our distance from the coast here in the Fort Worth and Grapevine area, the recent surge in temperatures has reminded us of the significance of weather-related challenges.

While we’ve been fortunate to avoid significant damage, a few regions in north Texas have encountered unexpected storms, making it important to learn how to protect your pool. 

As we navigate through these weather patterns, it’s an opportune moment to refresh our knowledge on protecting our pools from the potential ravages of severe weather. Whether or not you’ve faced stormy conditions before, it’s wise to ensure you’re well-prepared for any future weather events.

If you’re wondering whether you’re taking all the necessary steps to safeguard your pool when storms and harsh weather conditions are on the horizon, the following guidelines offer valuable insights.

Severe Weather: Uncover Your Pool

It may be counter-intuitive, but it’s actually best to remove the pool cover if thunderstorms or hail are in the forecast. High winds could rip your cover off or send debris flying into it and damage it. Yes, the rain and organic debris will throw off your water balance, but that’s easier (and less expensive to remedy) than a damaged cover.

Additionally, leaving the cover off during the storm can prevent water from accumulating on top of the cover and causing it to sag or tear.

Protect Your Pool: Fill It Up

Whatever you do, don’t drain your pool before a big storm. For obvious reasons, an above-ground pool is more sturdy and secure when it’s filled. And believe it or not, if the ground becomes extremely saturated, it could displace, or “pop out” an empty in-ground pool.

So, keep your pool as full as normal. In fact, the weight of the water in the pool can help stabilize the pool shell and prevent it from being lifted or damaged by strong winds.

Balance the Water

Even though you know you’ll be balancing the water after the storm, do it beforehand, too. That will make balancing your water chemistry easier afterward. You could even preemptively shock your pool and add an algaecide to give yourself a head start on cleanup.

Properly balanced water is not only important for the health of your pool equipment and surfaces, but it can also make post-storm cleanup and recovery more efficient.

Disconnect the Power

Turn off all of your pool equipment: pump, filter, heater, lighting, everything. Then, turn off the circuit breaker, too. If you think there’s a chance of flooding, move the pool equipment you can to a dry location.

At the least, if you expect a lot of water, you can cover your electronic pool equipment with a tarp or cover and secure it. Taking these precautions can prevent damage to your pool’s electrical components and ensure your safety.

Clear the Deck During Severe Weather

Clear your pool deck and all the surrounding areas of pool toys, furniture, decorations, and even your outdoor grill. Flying debris during a storm can cause damage not only to your pool but also to your outdoor furniture and equipment. Storing these items in a safe and secure location can minimize potential hazards during severe weather.

Keep Trees and Landscaping Well-Maintained

We know this one doesn’t help if there’s a storm in the immediate forecast, but keeping your outdoor trees and plants trimmed will help keep limbs, leaves, and branches out of your pool when storms do blow in. Regular maintenance of your landscaping can reduce the likelihood of debris falling into your pool during high winds and heavy rain.

Consider Additional Measures

In addition to the steps mentioned above, you might also want to consider investing in a pool safety net or cover specifically designed to withstand severe weather. These specialized covers can provide an extra layer of protection for your pool during storms, preventing debris from entering the water and potentially causing damage.

Follow these tips and your family’s favorite backyard retreat will be as ready as you can make it when severe weather hits. Do you have other questions about caring for your pool? Do you need chemicals or a water analysis to get your pool balanced after the storm? We’re here to help! Feel free to contact us anytime for all of your pool, hot tub, chemicals, and other outdoor living questions and needs. 

And of course, if severe weather does happen to damage your pool, you can trust A-Quality Pools and our many years of experience to repair your swimming pool and get you back in the water in no time. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring the longevity and safety of your pool, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. Stay prepared, stay safe, and enjoy your pool all year round!

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