How to Surprise Someone with a New Hot Tub

You’ve thought it through and you’ve made a decision. But tips on hot to surprise someone with a new hot tub is what you are after.

You are ready to knock the socks off that special someone with a gift that just can’t be beat. You’ve done jewelry, you’ve done trinkets and knick-knacks, you’ve splurged on a vacation trip; but this time you want to really go for the wow factor.

You want to get them something that goes beyond huge and above exciting. It has to be something that you both can enjoy on a permanent basis, but will also be of good value. A-Quality Pools has come to the rescue with the perfect gift idea! You won’t be outdone by selecting one of our Sundance Spas®! Here’s how to surprise someone with a new hot tub.

Time for a Little Recon Mission

Can you hear the theme from Mission Impossible playing in your head? Are the words “If you choose to accept this mission…” ringing in your ears? Definitely employ some help from your friends to engage in a little harmless reconnaissance. You don’t want to just pick some random hot tub and hope it’s the one your special someone would have chosen. So get creative! Perhaps another couple who are your closest friends are thinking about getting a hot tub of their own. Rope them in on the plan to surprise your special someone with a new hot tub.

Surprise Someone with a New Hot Tub: Enact the Plan

Your friends have called your partner up wanting the two of you to help them choose just the right hot tub! (Now just imagine that…) You might even ham it up a little and act as if you can’t imagine a more boring way to spend an afternoon. And you certainly hope lunch or dinner will be somewhere in the journey. Play the part in order to divert suspicion of the real reason you and your friends are taking a trip to A-Quality Pools.

Ducks in a Row

Now make sure you have already done your research. Do the math ahead of time, so you know going in how much room you have for a hot tub. You’ve also seriously considered how large the tub should be. Let’s face it, at the very least your friends who are helping you on this little mission are going to have a priority invite to share in the bubbly bliss that only a Sundance Spa will bring! Share this information in advance with your friends. It will enable them to only look at the hot tubs that will fulfill your space and seating requirements. As they pick your partner’s brain over the spa selection, you’ll be able to leave with a good idea of which hot tub is going to cause them to be racing to get into their bathing suit.

Operation Delivery

After you choose the hot tub of your dreams, give us a call to set up delivery of your splendid new hot tub. The best way to keep this grand gesture under wraps is to select a date that will have your partner away at work. If this isn’t an option, then have a friend get them out of the house for the day. It will probably be pretty easy to keep your gift hidden until the next day if you are able to ensure your partner won’t be home before dark. You may have to keep them out on some last minute errands for milk or bread if you need the extra delay for darkness to fall.

The Big Reveal: Surprise Someone With a New Hot Tub!

We’re sure you are going to be on pins and needles and full of gleeful excitement when the time comes to reveal the fruit of all your careful and extensive planning. Perhaps you set the stage by buying a new bathing suit for the intended receiver of this marvelous gift. Can you imagine the eye roll you could potentially get from giving such a strange thing as a bathing suit in the middle of winter? Perhaps you just do the old traditional close-your-eyes-and-trust-that-I-have-something-marvelous-planned routine. Maybe you involve your friends in the reveal since they were such an integral part in helping you. Whatever you decide, A-Quality Pools would love to be a part of the process. Give us a call and let us help you give the fabulously relaxing gift of a Sundance Spa. Reserve your spa today for the best Christmas reveal of your life!

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