How to Tell If Your Pool Renovation Can’t Wait One More Summer

How to tell if your pool renovation can’t wait one more summer

Pools are a fun and enjoyable way to spend your summer and make lasting memories with your loved ones. So, don’t let the fun come to a halt because of a major pool repair need. Whether you’ve enjoyed years of use out of your pool or inherited it from a previous homeowner, pools need repairs and renovation as they age. A pool renovation will extend your pool’s life, give it a fresh look, and keep the fun alive. Here is how to tell if your pool renovation can’t wait one more summer or if now is the best time. 

If There Are Significant Water Leaks, It’s Time for a Pool Repair 

One of the first signs your pool has a considerable leak is when you notice significant water loss for no reason. Not only is this costly to keep refilling your pool, it shows there is a need for a pool repair. Depending on the type of pool you have, the leak could be occurring in the plumbing system, the vinyl liner, the concrete surface or other places. At A-Quality Pools, our pool service team will run tests and find the source of the leak.

A single crack can be easily repaired to quickly have your pool up and running again. However, if your pool has several deep cracks, this is a sign that the problem may continue even if we repair the current cracks. In this case, a pool renovation to resurface your pool or replace the liner to prevent any future issues may be the best option. 

If Your Pool Equipment is Not Functioning Properly, It’s Time for a Pool Repair

Think of your pool equipment as the brain and major organs of your pool. If the pump, filtration system, heater, and other pool equipment isn’t functioning properly, your pool will suffer. If pool equipment is not working as it should, you will begin to face other pool maintenance issues and your pool may not be safe to use. In this case, it’s a sure sign your pool renovation can’t wait.

If Your Pool Has an Outdated Look, It Might Be Time for a Pool Renovation

While looks do not typically affect function, your pool is a backyard retreat that you want to look nice. At A-Quality Pool, we can help you design the pool of your dreams and then make it a reality with a pool renovation. While giving your pool a fresh, new look is exciting, it is not paramount and could wait one more summer if you prefer. Though, even if you choose to wait until next summer, you can begin meeting with our team now to create a design plan and get an idea of cost.

If the Size of Your Pool Isn’t Adequate, It Might Be Time for a Pool Renovation 

Perhaps your pool was already built when you moved into your home. Or maybe your family has grown with time. Either way, if you feel your pool is too small for your average number of users, a pool renovation can help. 

With a pool renovation, you can increase the size of your pool or change the shape. Additionally, you can add fun, new pool features like a waterfall, tanning ledge, underwater LED lights, and more! While this type of pool renovation doesn’t have to be done right away, you want your friends and family to feel welcomed in your pool.

Are you ready to get started with your pool renovation? If your pool renovation can’t wait, we are here for you. Whether now or in the near future, A-Quality Pools is the premier pool renovation expert for North Richland Hills, Texas, and beyond! Give us a call to discuss your pool repair options and learn more about the pool renovation process. Also, check out our other fantastic pool services. Contact us today! 

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