How You Know It’s Time to Call a Pool Professional

You love your treasured space of relaxation and recreation. That cool blue water is your personal retreat for soaking in the rays of the sun and swimming to your heart’s content. But what do you do when something goes wrong with your pool? Sometimes it’s difficult to know if you need a pool professional or not. Here are our suggestions on when you really, really should call a pool professional, and how you know it’s time. 

Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance can be a tricky thing. One day your pool looks great! The water is glistening and crystal clear. Then you wake up the next morning, and something’s a little off. The water is clouding. And before you know it, you’re spending more time trying to balance your pH level than you are actually relaxing in your pool. We’d say this is one of the easier instances when you know it’s time to call a pool professional. A-Quality Pools offers weekly route service that takes the guesswork and the stress out of pool maintenance. Your pool should be a relaxing place where you can rest and unwind and not have to worry about how clean your pool actually is. That’s something you can definitely leave to the professionals. 


Does it seem like your pool water level is dropping more than usual? Some water loss from evaporation is normal, but not more than a quarter to a half inch of water loss per day. If your pool experiences more than that, you may have a leak. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell. That’s when it is a good time to call a pool professional. Our trained staff at A-Quality Pools can inspect your pool for signs of damage and can determine if your pool is leaking. They can also help you set up a plan to fix the issue correctly. Sometimes you can have cracked tile or an actual structural problem. If your pool has a liner, there could be a hole present. Other times, the leak could be coming from your equipment or plumbing. Calling in a professional early on can often save you money in the long-run. You can rely on us to properly fix the issue. A leak in your pool is probably not the time to practice your handyman skills, but it is the right time to call for backup.

Equipment Malfunctions 

There are a lot of moving parts to any pool setup, and that can be a lot to maintain. But what if your pool pump starts making a really strange sound? Or what if your heater is on the fritz? Whether equipment is making noise or not working at all, that’s when you should call the professionals. There are times you can troubleshoot an issue, and then there are the times where nothing you do seems to work. Call our trained technicians at A-Quality Pools. The best thing you can do is to call the professionals as soon as you suspect something is wrong. The longer a problem persists, the more your equipment can break down. Let our professionals guide you toward the best plan of action when your equipment begins to malfunction. We can help you decide whether you need a repair or a replacement.

If you ever have questions about whether or not your pool is functioning properly, never hesitate to call our professionals at A-Quality Pools! We’d love to help you figure out what the best thing is for your pool. Keep cool and relaxed all summer long with superior service from A-Quality Pools.

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