Improve Flexibility with a Hot Tub

Improve Flexibility with a Hot Tub

Feeling a little stiff? Health and wellness is a big focus for everyone these days. How can we improve our health naturally and ensure we stay healthy? Have you considered the health benefits of a hot tub? You can improve flexibility with your Sundance® Spa and make sure you’re keeping your body in the best possible shape. 

Soak After Exercise

Step one is to make sure you’re intentionally exercising your body at least a little bit everyday. After that, one great way to ensure that your muscles, joints, and tendons stay flexible is to make sure you’re warming up and cooling down before and after your exercise regimen. We all know how important stretching is before running, but it’s really true for just about any bodily movement. 

After you’ve gone for a walk around the neighborhood or your usual marathon run, make sure you’re giving your muscles a chance to recover with a nice rest in your hot tub. The warm water and jets can really give you that extra boost toward fully and truly relaxing and recovering your muscles. As your mind relaxes fully, your muscles can fully relax too which can improve flexibility with a hot tub. The hot water can also increase blood flow to your muscles and give them an added boost of nutrients for even more restoration. We do recommend that you are well hydrated after you exercise and when you use your spa. 

Stretch in Your Hot Tub

Another way you can utilize your Sundance Spa to improve flexibility is by actually stretching in your hot tub. You may not have much stretchability outside of the water, but once you’re in, it’s a different ball game. You can use your added buoyancy to make sure you move all your joints and muscles. The warm water can ease aching muscles so that you can get more range of motion than you would outside of your Sundance Spa.

Try this. Sit on the edge of one of your spa seats and stretch your legs out as far as they can reach. Then practice moving your joints. Start with wiggling your toes, move up to flexing your ankles, then your knees. For those who have limited flexibility, starting with small movements in the warm haven of your Sundance Spa can lead to more and more range of motion over time. You could even try some actual Yoga poses or Tai Chi movements in your spa, if you’re so inclined. 

However you decide to improve your flexibility, we’re positive that a Sundance Spa will help. There’s nothing quite like the improved circulation and massage you get from the warm water and soothing jets. So, make sure you have the best Sundance Spa model for your needs. 

A-Quality Pools is certainly ready to help you choose your next health and wellness tool. Stop by our showroom to see some Sundance Spa models and to discuss your options. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and make sure you’re ready to improve your flexibility.

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