Is a Hot Tub Too Much Upkeep?

Is a Hot Tub Too Much Upkeep?

Time and energy are two precious and rare commodities that you certainly do not want to waste. Before becoming a hot tub owner, it’s worth finding out how much time and energy it will take to properly care for your hot tub. Is a hot tub too much upkeep? Actually, hot tub maintenance is straightforward and simple even for beginners. There’s no chemistry degree necessary! More so than time and energy, it requires consistency. Here are a few tips from A-Quality Pools to make hot tub care a breeze. 

Stock Up on Spa Chemicals

When it’s time to clean or balance your hot tub, the last thing you want is to run out of the supplies you need to do the job. Instead, stock up on the spa chemicals you need! Stop by A-Quality Pools to chat with our team of seasoned spa experts. They can help you find the best chemicals for your spa needs. Additionally, bring a water sample into our store in North Richland Hills for a free water test. This computerized test will tell us exactly which spa chemicals your hot tub needs. 

Make and Keep a Spa Care Routine

They say simple and easy are not the same thing. But with a hot tub routine, your spa upkeep can be both. The key is consistency. First, on a weekly basis you will need to care for the water chemistry. Using a spa test strip, you will determine the current alkalinity, calcium, pH, and sanitizer levels and balance the water accordingly. This takes only a few minutes a week. Set aside a regular time to complete this task every week and enjoy clean, clear water.

Additionally, once every three to four months you will need to drain and replace the water in your spa. While your spa is empty, give the interior a good cleaning and clean or replace the filters as well.  

Purchase a Sundance Spa

For even simpler hot tub upkeep, consider a Sundance® Spa. Sundance Spas are known in the industry for intelligent design and superior composition that makes hot tub maintenance a breeze! Every Sundance Spa comes equipped with the CLEARRAY® Active Oxygen Water Purification System that is capable of eliminating 99% of water borne pathogens. Additionally, the MicroClean® Ultra Filtration System filters more water than typical spas, keeping your hot tub clean and clear. Sundance Spas also comes equipped with the Quick Drain® system. This unique drain is designed to make draining and refilling your hot tub easier than ever! And don’t forget the SmartTub app where you can easily adjust the filtration settings on your Sundance spa right from your phone.  

Sign Up for the Best Hot Tub Service Near Me

For the most time- and energy-saving way to maintain your hot tub, sign up for the best hot service in Tarrant County and beyond. Our hot tub service team will come to your spa on a weekly basis to take care of all your regular hot tub upkeep. This way, more of your time and energy can be spent enjoying your hot tub instead of caring for it. To sign up for hot tub service, contact our team today. 

Hot tubs are meant to create a more relaxed and stress-free lifestyle. So, don’t let hot tub care worry you! You can keep your hot tub clean and clear with minimal time and effort with A-Quality Pools. Contact our store today to learn more about hot tub care or to schedule a test soak in a Sundance spa. 

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