Meet Your 2022 Resolutions with a Pool

Have you ever considered making resolutions with a pool?

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Have you ever wondered what the most popular resolutions are?

As it happens, the most popular resolutions nationwide have remained pretty constant over recent years. Topping the list are the expected items like weight loss and spending more time doing quality stuff instead of wasting time on things like Netflix binges and hours of mindless social media scrolling.

But did you know that you can meet your 2022 resolutions with a pool? Here are the most popular resolutions that your incredible pool can directly help with.

A Pool Can Help You Exercise More

Some gyms oversell their holiday memberships by as much as 80% to 90%. This is because by February most people have already stopped going. They pay for a year’s membership that they only use for 4-6 weeks, tops. A newly renovated swimming pool is a lot more fun than the leg press at the gym, and since it’s sitting right in your backyard, there’s a lot higher chance you’ll actually use it.

A Pool Can Help You Lose Weight

While weight loss gurus want to pretend there’s some magical formula for weight loss, the simple truth is, if you burn more calories than you consume, you lose weight. A pool is a fun, low-impact way to lose weight, and it burns a tremendous amount of calories compared to other low- to moderate-intensity exercise. The average person can burn over 400 calories per hour swimming at a moderate pace. Boost your swimming to high intensity, and you can burn off closer to 700 calories per hour. Compared to roughly 300 calories you burn walking, that’s pretty impressive!

A Pool Can Help You Learn a New Skill or Hobby

The fourth most popular resolution in the nation is to learn a new skill or hobby. Swimming gives you a nearly endless supply of skills to practice and master, from the backstroke to underwater swimming! Becoming a strong swimmer is a skill that actually directly contributes to your health. According to one study, swimming can increase your longevity by as much as 50% over other forms of exercise.

A Pool Can Help You Live Life to the Fullest

We all do it. We all get off work, plop down on the couch, and mindlessly scroll TV or social media until bedtime. Your pool can help you snap out of this habit, which is not just physically unhealthy, but also not mentally or emotionally healthy either. Swimming gets you outside, which is directly related to a better mood. It also helps you unwind, can lead to improved sleep, and – for goodness’ sake – it’s more fun than that worn-out rerun from 1997! A beautiful new vinyl replacement liner may be just what you need to inspire you to get outside and hop in the pool!

A Pool Can Help You Spend More Time with Family & Friends

Has your family gotten in the habit of retiring to your own private spaces instead of congregating for family fun? Are you sometimes concerned that you don’t know who your kids are hanging out with? Unsure if the kiddos are getting too much screen time? Renovate your pool and it becomes a natural congregating spot for your family and friends – meaning you get to know who your kids are hanging out with, and you can even hang out with them, too! Nothing creates family time and memory-making like a backyard swimming pool.

Resolutions with a Pool: A Pool Can Even Help You Read More!

Let’s face it, we all get our best reading done by the pool at the hotel on vacation. Wouldn’t you like to extend that back home? Reading is just easier to get into by the pool, and with today’s options like waterproof e-readers, book floats, and numerous products that claim to make your books safe in the pool, you might even venture to read from your pool chair or floating lounger!

Wait … your pool doesn’t feel like a vacation spot anymore? Get the pool service, maintenance, or renovations you need to restore your pool to pristine condition. Schedule your pool renovation today so you can breeze through your resolutions with a pool in 2022! And with the best pool supplies North Richland Hills, you are sure to have a successful swim season this year.

A-Quality Pools is excited to help you and your family make and keep resolutions that truly matter. Happy New Year!

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