Meet Your Wellness Goals This Year with a Hot Tub

Meet Your Wellness Goals This Year With a Hot Tub

According to a study tracking the success of New Year’s resolutions, more than 80% of people quit their resolutions before they achieve them. This year, defy expectations and statistics by meeting and exceeding your own wellness goals. At A-Quality Pools, we can help set you up with some of the best wellness tools in the industry to assist you on your wellness journey. Without a doubt, one of the most effective tools for health and fitness is a Sundance® spa. Here are a few ways you can meet your wellness goals this year with a hot tub.

Say NO to Stress 

Not only is stress a nuisance, it can have dreadful effects on your body such as tense muscle pains, inability to sleep, stomach problems, chest pains, lack of energy, and more. In addition, stress and its symptoms can strain your body and make it very challenging to meet your wellness goals. 

So instead, kick stress to curb with a spa! Regular hot tub use has been shown to be highly effective in fighting both the physical and mental effects of stress. The warm water combined with the powerful jets of a Sundance spa will help relieve muscle tension, soothe stress-related body aches, decrease cortisol (the hormone that causes feelings of stress), and help you to mentally unwind and let go of any stress-inducing problems. 

Get a Full Night’s Sleep Every Night

Never underestimate the power of a good night’s rest. The quality and quantity of your sleep has a direct effect on your physical and mental wellbeing. Soaking in a hot tub 90 minutes before bedtime can help you sleep better and longer. Wake the next morning ready to take on the world and meet your wellness goals.

Ease Physical Pain

It can be a challenge to meet your wellness goals if you have ongoing physical pain that inhibits simple daily tasks. However, soaking in the warm waters of a hot tub can ease, minimize, or even eliminate those physical pains. If you have pains associated with arthritis, lower back pain, chronic joint aches, or others, a Sundance spa can make a world of difference. 

The warm waters increase blood flow throughout the body, sending with it fresh oxygen and nutrients to enliven painful areas. Additionally, the increase in circulation helps flush out any toxins or other impurities that could be contributing to your pain. 

Commit to Better Cardiovascular Health

While cardiovascular health requires a commitment to healthy eating and exercise, you can use a hot tub in tandem with these disciplines to help improve your heart health. As you soak in a hot tub, your heart works hard to keep your body cool. In doing so, it increases circulation throughout the body and lowers your blood pressure. Increase your cardiovascular health with a Sundance spa.

Soak up More Time with Family

There is no replacement for quality time with your loved ones, and it does wonders for your mental health and wellness. Increase and maximize your time together by soaking in a Sundance spa. A spa is a great place to create meaningful conversation without the distractions of screens or a long to-do list. In addition, making family time in the hot tub a priority will help keep you accountable and focused to meet your wellness goals. 

Make your health a priority this year with a Sundance spa from A-Quality Pools. Stop by our store in Tarrant County to see our floor models and schedule a test soak. We have Sundance spas ready to deliver. Give us a call at 817-587-8980 so you can meet your wellness goals this year!

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