Perfect Fall Activities for the Hot Tub

perfect fall activities for the hot tub

The weather is finally cooling down, and the leaves are starting to change colors. There is no better season to spend time outdoors, relaxing in your Sundance® Spa. Want to make it extra special? Here are some perfect fall activities for the hot tub. 

Smores Fondue

Nothing quite says fall like the taste of chocolate and marshmallows, but building a fire in your Sundance Spa is not advisable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the taste of fall into the spa with you. Try a smores fondue! You can easily melt chocolate and marshmallows together in a warm pot and bring it out with you, spa side. Then you can get creative. Naturally, you’ll need some graham crackers to dip in your smores fondue, but don’t stop there. You can dip almost anything, especially if you have a platter and some skewers. The skewers make the spa eating a lot easier, too. We’re thinking of some crisp, fall apple slices or late season strawberries. Your favorite cookie or even some leftover marshmallows or chunks of chocolate would make a great way to consume your melty, warm indulgence. 


If you’re not too keen on eating in your Sundance® Spa, that’s okay. Another great fall activity for your hot tub is stargazing. These autumn nights tend to be cool, crisp, and clear. The clear skies lend themselves really well to being able to see constellations, planets, and even meteors. The chill in the air won’t be a problem since you’ll be relaxing in the cozy warmth of your Sundance Spa. And really, what’s more romantic than spending the evening gazing at the sky with the most important person in your life? Not a lot. Imagine the cool air, warm water, and a night sky that’s twinkling with glorious splendor. Top it off with a shooting star or two, and this is sure to be your favorite evening plan.


If you’re really looking to make your next fall hot tub session extra special you can create some luminaries. Get the whole family involved with creating some beautiful luminaries out of paper bags and battery powered candles to illuminate your whole spa area. Cut out leaf shapes, pumpkins, or acorns to really celebrate the fall season, or create freestyle designs of your choice. Either way, luminaries are an excellent way to enjoy the fall season as you soak in your spa. 


Finally, aromatherapy is a lovely way to spend your evening soaking in your Sundance Spa. Every Sundance Spa in the 880 or 990 series comes standard with the SilentAir Aromatherapy system. Through this system, Sundance SunScents™ fill your spa with soothing aromatherapy as the bubbles from your jets rise to the surface and pop. The scents are injected into your bubbles through the jet system creating a wonderful and unique experience. French Lavender or Tahitian Vanilla are great fall options to really set an easy, relaxing mood for your aromatherapy evening.  

A Sundance® Spa is an amazing way to spend a fall evening. Make sure you have the perfect spa for your needs by speaking with one of our knowledgeable team members at A-Quality Pools. Stop by our showroom or give us a call to learn more about all your options for pool supplies in North Richland Hills. 

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