How Do I Prepare My Pool for Swim Season in Texas?

How Do I Prepare My Pool for Swim Season in Texas?

After months of chilly weather and short days, everyone is ready for ample sunshine, pool time, and summer fun. Though summer hasn’t arrived yet, now is the time to prepare for your pool opening. Preparing your pool for swim season can seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools and knowledge, it can be a breeze. Here are a few tips to help you get your pool ready for swim season in Texas.

Start Swim Season with a Squeaky Clean Pool

First, you’ll want to make sure your pool is clean and ready for swimmers. For starters, this means removing any debris and skimming the surface. Then, with the help of an automatic pool cleaner, clean the walls and floor of your pool to remove any dirt, algae, or other build-up. At A-Quality Pools, we carry many excellent automatic pool cleaners. Stop by our store in North Richland Hills to learn more about how you can benefit from one.

Prepare Your Pool’s Water

If the water levels are low from the off season, start by refilling it to the proper levels. Then, you’ll want to balance your pool water to start the season and use a pool opening kit. Test the water’s pH and chlorine levels and add the needed chemicals. We also recommend you shock your pool to rid the water off any cloudiness, algae or bacteria growth. You can also bring a water sample in for free water testing to ensure you have the products you need for a perfect start to swim season.

Inspect Your Pool Equipment (and Consider New Additions)

Next, you’ll want to check all of the pool’s equipment to make sure it is in good working condition. This includes the pump, filter, cleaners, and any other electrical equipment. Make sure all the connections are tight, and that the equipment is running smoothly. If you notice any problems, it’s best to have them repaired before the swim season begins. 

The start of swim season is also the perfect time to add new pool equipment, such as a heater. With a Pentair® or Jandy® pool heater, you can extend your pool time by making the water comfortable for use sooner.

Examine Safety Features 

Another important step in preparing your pool for swim season is to check the pool’s safety features. Make sure the pool’s fencing and gates are in good condition and that the pool’s drain covers are in place and working properly.

Prepare the Pool Area

In addition to the pool, it’s also necessary to prepare the surrounding area. Make sure the deck or patio area is clean and clear of debris. Set up any outdoor furniture you plan to use and add any decorations or landscaping you want. To redesign and renovate your pool surroundings, contact A-Quality Pools.

Prepare for Ongoing Pool Maintenance

Finally, make a plan for pool maintenance throughout the swim season. This includes regular cleaning and vacuuming, as well as weekly checking and balancing the water, and making sure the equipment is running smoothly. Stock up on needed chemicals and make a maintenance schedule to follow. To make pool maintenance simple, sign up for A-Quality’s weekly pool service. Our team will take care of all your pool care needs.

Contact A-Quality Pools for Help This Swim Season

Ready for swim season? Now is the time to schedule your pool opening. With mild Texas weather, we can open your pool anytime from mid-February to early March. Contact us about opening your pool and our other pool services for Fort Worth, Grapevine, North Richland Hills, and beyond. Enjoy a safe and fun swim season in your Texas pool!

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