Poolife® NST® Feeder Tablets – 25 lbs.

These slow-dissolve cal hypo tablets were specifically formulated for use in the Poolife® NST® Tablet Feeder. They contain a stain and scale inhibitor and are packaged in modular pails for easy identification at shelf. Just like the NST® skimmer-fed tablets, these will destroy bacteria and organic contaminants without over stabilizing the pool or adding additional cyanuric acid.

Useful Tips:

  • NST® Feeder is for residential pools only up to 50,000 gallons
  • Follow Poolife® NST® Feeder operating manual for specific tablet use
  • Do not mix these tablets with any other chlorine sanitizer product

Ask your professional Poolife® Dealer about the NST® Tablets Feeder specifically for use with these tablets

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