What’s Involved in Replacing a Vinyl Liner in My Pool?

What’s involved in replacing a vinyl liner in my pool?

Is your pool in need of a vinyl liner replacement? At A-Quality Pools, we have been in the pool service and renovation business for over 40 years and can walk you through the process. Replacing a vinyl liner in your pool is a normal part of pool ownership. Vinyl liners typically have to be replaced every 5-10 years, but once replaced, your pool gets a new look and new function. To replace your vinyl liner, you’ll need three to four people, the right tools, and several days of good weather. Keep reading to learn more on vinyl liner replacements. 

When Should I Replace the Vinyl Liner in My Pool?

It’s not uncommon for your vinyl liner to need repairs after age and use. Some vinyl liner repairs are simple and can be done without much complication. However, if you are frequently making repairs and patches, this is a sign it’s time for a vinyl liner replacement. Additionally, if your pool is leaking, has large tears, or is dry and cracked, it may be time for a new vinyl liner. If you are unsure if your pool needs a vinyl liner repair or vinyl liner replacement, contact us at A-Quality Pools. Our team can help you assess your liner and determine the best and most cost-efficient steps moving forward.

What Are the Steps of a Vinyl Liner Replacement?

The first step in replacing a vinyl liner in your pool is to drain the water from your pool. This may be a little more involved than it sounds, though. You need a plan and some know-how to remove thousands of gallons of water. For one, you don’t want to dispose of it too close to the pool. You also don’t want it to drain into your neighbor’s yard or cause erosion. Some cities or HOAs may have pool drainage restrictions, so check before beginning. 

The next step is to cut out the liner. You will need to remove skimmer baskets, drain covers, and light fixtures temporarily to do so. Once you’ve cut it out, you need to carefully remove it from the track and dispose of it. While the pool surface is exposed, it is a good time to make any needed repairs. Check over the surface for cracks or signs of wear and make needed repairs.

Finally, it’s time to hang the vinyl liner replacement. Once it is properly in place, use a vacuum to remove all air and wrinkles.

How to Care For Your Vinyl Liner Replacement

Once your vinyl liner is replaced, you can enjoy years of use! To extend the life of your vinyl liner even more, here are a few recommendations we have. First, perform regular pool maintenance and keep the water balanced. If you’d like to remove this from your weekly to-do list, let our highly experienced service team handle this for you. We will come to your pool every week to test and balance water, empty skimmer baskets, clean the pool’s interior, and more! 

Next, keep sharp objects out of the pool to prevent tears or rips. It is also wise to keep dogs out of the pool, as their claws can damage the liner. Finally, maintain the pool’s water levels. If water levels get too low, the liner can start to separate from the pool wall. 

Replacing your pool’s vinyl liner can be quick and hassle free. If you are looking to have your pool’s vinyl liner replaced, contact us at A-Quality Pools. We can help you determine if a vinyl liner replacement is necessary and, if so, get it replaced for you in no time. Give us a call at 817-587-9130.

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