Should You Close Your Texas Pool for the Winter?

Should you close your Texas pool this year?

While most of the country, especially in the north, close their pools for winter, is it really necessary to close your Texas pool? That’s a tough question. Here’s the bottom line: in Texas, it’s okay either way! Since we rarely have freezing weather, leaving your pool open all year long is rarely an issue. But, as the unprecedented winter storm of 2021 can attest, in very rare years it could be an issue. To help you decide which option is best for you, read the pros and cons below.

The Weather Decides Whether You Close Your Texas Pool

Most parts of Texas enjoy a mild winter. That is a huge advantage avid Texan swimmers have over their counterparts in the rest of the country. This means Texans get to use their swimming pools a lot more than most Americans. If you’re living in the North Richmond Hills area, the weather rarely dips below 35 degrees. Even assuming that it dips to freezing temperatures, it’s rare and shouldn’t last more than a few days. In those rare instances, keeping your pool pump running will ensure that the water doesn’t freeze and damage your pool or equipment.

Of course, after last year you may be worried about what happens if the power goes out. That’s one of the big pros to closing your pool. If you’re concerned about losing power over the winter, closing your pool will give you peace of mind.

One Reason to Close Your Texas Pool: Cleaner Water Come Spring

“If you don’t like the weather now, just wait a few minutes.” Mark Twain originally said that about New England … but we’re guessing he’d never been to Texas. The day may start off cold but a couple of hours later it’s shorts and flip-flops weather. The thing about closing your pool in Texas is that you can never count on the weather to stay cold. Warm weather=warm water. Warm pool water=algae bloom. Keeping your pool open all year allows you to keep balancing the water and cleaning your pool. You won’t have to worry about a green pool come spring!

For those pool owners who prefer to close your pool, be sure to check in on your water over the winter and add algaecide and chlorine periodically. Stop by our store to pick up chemicals this winter and to get some free winter water care tips from our knowledgeable staff.

One Reason NOT to Close Your Texas Pool: Complete Safety Through the Off-Season

Your pool may not be in use but pool safety is still a top priority. A covered pool, especially one covered with a Loop-Loc Cover provides the best peace of mind through the off-season. If your kiddo chases a ball onto the covered pool or your pet decides that’s the perfect sunny spot to lounge, you’ll know they’re safe.

The Honest Opinion

Whether you decide to close your Texas pool or not, we have you covered! If you decide to play it safe and close your pool, we can help. Make an appointment for your professional pool close or contact us about our Loop-Loc covers. Or, if you decide to keep your pool open through the winter, we offer pool maintenance for all seasons. Now that you have all of the info you need, the decision is up to you. Call us today with any questions you might have. Our pool experts can give advice to help you make the right decision for your pool.

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