Shrimp Boil on Your Grill

Summer has finally arrived, and what better time to break out your Green Mountain® Grill? The possibilities for creative culinary conquests are endless, and this is your time to shine and think outside the typical grilling box. You can actually grill almost anything, but how about a good old-fashioned shrimp boil on your grill? That’s right. We’re serious, so let’s get started! 


You may think that trying to recreate a shrimp boil on your Green Mountain Grill is an exercise in futility, but have faith. One way you can approach a more traditional shrimp boil is actually pretty simple. Use aluminum foil. You can create individual shrimp boil packets with traditional ingredients for each of your guests to enjoy. To make a shrimp boil packet, you’ll need to simply gather your ingredients. 

For a traditional recipe, you’ll want medium to large deveined shrimp, small chunks of white potatoes, small corn cob pieces, sausage slices (we like andouille), a little olive oil, and some seafood seasoning. Determine the number of packets you’ll need to make and divide your ingredients accordingly. Lay out sheets of aluminum foil and place a handful of each ingredient in the center of your sheet. Add a drizzle of olive oil over your ingredients, sprinkle some seafood seasoning, and fold the edges of your aluminum foil over to create a packet. 

While you’re assembling your ingredients, it might be wise to start your Green Mountain Grill, so the pellets can work to create the perfect cooking environment. It’s super easy to manage your grill if you opt for one of our models with WiFi smart control like the LEDGE PRIME plus WiFi. Set your grill to 350° Fahrenheit. Place your packets on the grill and cook for approximately 15-20 minutes. You’ll want to make sure your shrimp are pink and at an internal temperature of 145° Fahrenheit. 

When your shrimp are done and your potatoes are tender, remove your packets from the grill and serve them to your guests. Use lemons to garnish and add extra freshness. You’re all sure to enjoy this fun and simple approach to a shrimp boil on your grill.


Since you now have a go-to recipe for a more traditional shrimp boil on the grill, don’t count out a little creativity and variations on this classic. Consider spicing your shrimp boil up a little bit with these spicy shrimp skewers. Create the shrimp skewers and then add sausage skewers and potatoes and corn to the grill to ensure you have all the components of the traditional shrimp boil, but with a little extra kick. You could get super creative and make smoked pineapple coconut shrimp for your backyard shrimp boil on the grill. In fact, why not do all three shrimp preparations? Traditional, spicy, and pineapple coconut. It’s up to you, really, and your Green Mountain Grill will get the job done.

Have you found your perfect Green Mountain Grill yet? Stop by our showroom for the best outdoor grills in Fort Worth. Our amazing staff at A-Quality Pools can help you find your perfect Green Mountain Grill model today, and you can get to cooking your shrimp boil on your grill.

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