Spring Cleaning for Your Pool

Spring is here! While you are getting ready for all that spring cleaning, there’s one more space at home that you should add to your cleaning list. We’ve got some great suggestions for spring cleaning your pool! 

Check on your poolside foliage.

Spring is an excellent time to prune back the plants that you may have surrounding your pool. You’ll want to catch that plant growth before it starts to bloom and bud to avoid any unnecessary debris falling into your pool. Make sure branches haven’t crept too far over your pool edges from nearby trees. Give those flowering plants a little trim so they stay nice during the upcoming swimming season. Now’s a great time to freshen up any mulch or gravel, too. We all know how aggressive those weeds can be in the Texas heat, so now’s the time to prevent them in the landscaping around your pool. The good thing about pruning back plants? Most of them love it! You’ll end up with healthy and tidy plants to help you relax as you float. 

Check your water level and chemical balance.

After a long winter’s nap, your pool is likely to need a little drink. Over time, your pool water level will naturally lower if it hasn’t been refilled. This is due to evaporation and other environmental factors — even if your pool has been covered all season. Remove as much debris and water from the top of your pool cover, if you have one, to minimize the mess. Then, refill your pool until the water level is midway up the skimmer basket.

It might be a good idea to turn on your filtration system and allow it to cycle the water in your pool for a day or so. That way, you can get an accurate sample for testing the chemicals in your pool. And we do suggest that you bring your water sample to our experts for testing to receive the most accurate information. We can give you a personalized reading on your water chemistry so that you can get a jump start on balancing those chemicals after the long winter months. Start now and make this part of your annual spring cleaning, so you can stay ahead of that pesky algae growth. 

Check your equipment. 

Now’s a great time to check the operation of all your pool equipment including the pump, filter, and vacuums. Fire up those hard workers now, so you can fix any problems you come across early in the season. Nobody wants to shut down their pool as soon as the weather really warms up and the kids are out of school. Check on them now. Our experts at A-Quality Pools can take a look at any and all of your pool equipment to ensure it is working properly. We can also take care of any repairs or replacements that need to happen. Add checking your equipment to your spring cleaning list so your pool is ready to go whenever you are! 

A-Quality Pools has got you covered on spring cleaning for your pool. We have pool supplies and pool chemicals stocked in-house, and we are ready for any pool remodels or repairs you need. Spring is the perfect time to get going on making your poolside dreams come true, so give us a call or stop by!

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