Stay Warm (and Romantic) in a Sundance Spa This Winter

Stay Warm (and Romantic) in a Sundance Spa This Winter

Baby, it’s cold outside! While it may be chilly, the winter weather doesn’t have to put a freeze on your love life. In fact, winter is the perfect time for a romantic hot tub soak with your significant other. A-Quality Pools can help you heat things up all season long with a Sundance® spa. Here are a few ways to stay warm (and romantic) in a Sundance spa this winter. 

Cherish Your Time Together By Being Prepared 

Preparation makes the heart grow fonder, right? But truly, time spent with your loved one is precious and should be uninterrupted. Show how much you cherish your better half by taking care of all your hot tub needs ahead of time. 

Start by stocking up on winter hot tub supplies. Stop by our store in North Richland Hills to get needed chemicals, hot tub accessories, and more. At A-Quality Pools, we have spa chemicals in stock! Bring a sample of your hot tub water to our store for a free water test. Our team of spa professionals can assist you in finding just what you need to keep your spa clean, clear, and safe to use. 

Or, if you prefer to stay warm inside this winter, sign up for our weekly spa service plan. Our team will come to your hot tub every week to keep the chemicals balanced and ready for you and your significant other to enjoy! 

Dress for a Romantic Winter Night

Having to dash to and from your Sundance spa on a cold Texas night is not exactly romantic. Instead, have warm robes for you both to wear. Hot tub robes are cozy and alluring. Also consider having slippers or other comfortable footwear to keep toes warm. 

Light Up the Night with Your Sundance Spa

The right lighting can give nearly any setting a charming, romantic aesthetic. Sundance spas feature interior LED lighting with multiple colors options for chromotherapy. Red and purple are considered romantic hues associated with passion, love, and warmth. Select models of Sundance spas also have lighting to illuminate the exterior of the hot tub. 

Other romantic lighting options include candles around the base of your hot tub and string lights in your outdoor area. However, for safety reasons be sure not to install string lights directly over your Sundance spa.     

Hot Tub, Hot Drink

Pair a romantic night in the hot tub with a warm drink. Pour two cups of hot chocolate, hot apple cider, or warm eggnog to enjoy together.

Stay Warm with Quality Conversation in the Hot Tub

The best way to stay warm in your hot tub is with a heartwarming connection with your significant other. Enjoy uninterrupted quality time while relaxing in the soothing waters of a Sundance spa. 

Make the most of chilly winter weather with a romantic hot tub date night. Learn more about Sundance spas and their many incredible features. Contact A-Quality Pools or stop by our store today! 

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