The Basic Anatomy of a Hot Tub

Discover the basic anatomy of a hot tub.

Are you just a little bit fuzzy on some of the terms you’ve encountered in your spa search? You’re not alone! Let’s take a deeper look at the basic anatomy of a hot tub and go over a few things about spa components you should keep in mind. 


The cabinet is the outer wall of the spa. Most spa cabinets are composed of weatherproof synthetic material. Of course, you can still find a few spas with cedar or redwood cabinets. Many hot tubs, especially higher-end ones, will offer a few choices of cabinets so you can customize your spa.


The shell is the interior lining of your hot tub. It’s usually crafted from plastic, vinyl, or acrylic. A spa shell can’t be replaced.

So, when choosing your hot tub model, it pays to pick the highest-quality shell material you can afford. Typically, entry-level spas come with plastic or vinyl while high-end ones come with a more durable acrylic shell. 


Anyone with even a smidgen of knowledge about spas already knows what those magical, massaging water outlets are. But, did you know a spa with fewer jets can be just as good — or even better — than a spa with a great deal of jets?


Jet Action and Power

First, it’s the “action” of the jets that matters more so than the number of jets. The best hot tubs have sweeping jets, pulsing jets — ones that target the neck or feet, and so on. 

Second, you want jets with enough power to give a good massage. And the more jets your hot tub has, the more pumps it needs to adequately push water through all those openings.

You may notice some of the most inexpensive spas have a ton of jets… but if you tried them out, you’d probably find that the jets feel a bit weak. Invest where it counts.


Worried about your utility bill hiking up if you get a hot tub?

Here’s where insulation makes all the difference. A higher-end spa has high-quality insulation that makes it energy efficient. A spa like this will add just $10-$20 to your energy bill per month, on average. 


Molded into the shell, the seats are different in every hot tub. Some spas will even come with a variety of seat and jet configurations called circuit seating. This allows you to lounge and enjoy a full-body massage while being submerged to your neck.

Then, next time, choose the seat with the sweeping back jets.

Spa Testing

Here’s the thing: Not all spa seats are comfortable for every person. That’s why it’s so important to sit in a hot tub and test out every seat before you settle on the best model for your family.

In fact, many spa dealers will offer a test soak so you can fully experience the spa’s seats and features before you buy. 

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