The Best Robotic Pool Cleaner for Your Pool 

You could clean your pool the old-fashioned way, but if you ask us, a robotic pool cleaner should be on your list of must-have ultimate pool equipment. Robotic pool cleaner? That’s right people; we’re living in a time when there are robots to clean your pool! These incredible little assets are your pool’s best friend. But which brands and models are top choice? We’ve got some suggestions for you. Let’s take a look at some of the best robotic pool cleaners for your pool!


The Zodiac® Ranger is the first on our list of robotic pool cleaners. This model is designed specifically for above-ground pools. The Zodiac Ranger is simply built for efficiency and durability. When you receive this cleaner, it comes pre-assembled in the box, and you simply attach it and begin cleaning. What could be easier? You don’t have to worry about cleaning your pool yourself or even assembling the cleaner. But don’t think this model’s simplicity means it doesn’t clean well… because it does. It’s designed with an extra-large wheel deflector to avoid getting caught in obstacles in your pool. It works quickly to remove unwanted debris from your pool while you worry about something else. We recommend this robot pool cleaner as a great option for those of you who have an above-ground pool.


The Polaris® Vac-Sweep 280 is not only one of our most popular pool cleaners, but it’s also one of the best! This pool cleaner is designed to clean and sweep every surface of your in-ground pool. It requires a booster pump and is pressure powered. When its double jet propulsion begins cleaning your pool, it can be done in under three hours. You don’t have to clean your pool manually, and you don’t have to wait long for this automatic cleaner to do it for you. It also has a really convenient filter bag to catch extra debris and leave your pool sparkling. We definitely recommend the Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 as one of our top cleaning options. There’s a reason so many people choose this automatic pool cleaner. 


The Dolphin M600 Robotic Pool Cleaner from Maytronics is another stellar robotic pool cleaner option. This robot is made for in-ground pools and boasts many different perks. You can choose between three different cleaning modes and cycles. There’s the standard clean, the quick clean, and the enhanced clean. You can choose which mode to use based on your needs and your time constraints. And also, did we mention that this model connects to WI-FI? You can control your robotic pool cleaner from wherever you happen to be with an internet connection! This feature allows you an extra level of awesome for those times when you need it. This robotic pool cleaner easily qualifies as one of the best. Click here to learn more and to see this robot in action. 

If you’re looking to make your life easier by purchasing one of these robotic pool cleaners for your pool, you are in luck. Stop by our showroom in North Richland Hills or give us a call. We’d love to help you find the products that work best for you!

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