The Best Upgrades for Your Hot Tub

Hot tubs are your backyard best friend. There is no better way to relax and spend time together than sinking down into the warm water. But did you know you can upgrade your hot tub? It’s true! Sundance® Spas offers a variety of different upgrades to their already amazing line of hot tubs. Here are our suggestions for the best upgrades for your hot tub. 

SunSmart 2.0 Wi-Fi Cloud Control Kit

The SunSmart® 2.0 Wi-Fi Cloud Control Kit is an excellent addition to your spa. The kit allows you to control different aspects of your Sundance spa from almost anywhere! Make sure the temperature of your spa is exactly to your liking before you even open your backdoor and head out to the hot tub. Have you had a long day at work? Turn on those jets and adjust the temperature before you even leave your desk. Will you be gone on vacation for a while? Use the “out of town” mode to conserve valuable energy. This kit will even alert you and your trusted technician at A-Quality Pools when it registers that something in your spa isn’t working properly. That way, even if you’re not there, our maintenance staff can fix the issue in a timely manner to reduce the likelihood of further damage occurring. This kit is an amazing upgrade for your hot tub and makes enjoying your spa that much easier!

BLUEWAVE Spa Stereo System 

The BLUEWAVE® Spa Stereo System is an upgrade that you just can’t do without. Fill your Sundance® spa with your most relaxing mood-setting music from marine grade speakers. This stereo system utilizes Bluetooth® technology to safely bring you your favorite playlist from your smart device, which can be kept safe and dry up to thirty feet away. And you won’t have to worry about getting in and out of your spa to change the music or getting your smart device wet when you’re ready to skip a track. This upgrade to your Sundance® spa comes with a control panel for the stereo built-in with your normal spa controls. Some Sundance® spa models with the BLUEWAVE Spa Stereo System installed boast an amplified subwoofer. You can actually feel the rhythm of the bass as you soak away the day. Ensure that your spa is the ultimate place of comfort and relaxation with this stereo system upgrade. 

Exterior LED Lighting

And finally, how about a little mood lighting? On Sundance® Spas’ 880 series hot tubs you can upgrade with some luxurious metal accent lights. These LED lights are energy efficient and coordinate with the interior LED lights that come standard on these spa models. Be in control of every aspect of your night of relaxation as you use lighting to enhance the ambience of your spa time. The exterior LED lighting really completes the whole spa package and makes your space look whole. Definitely consider upgrading your spa with a little illumination. 

No matter how you envision your perfect backyard space, we’d love to talk about the best upgrades for your hot tub or any other part of your backyard! Give us a call or stop by A-Quality Pools today!

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