Tips for Planning a Pool Renovation

Have you been putting off renovating your backyard space? There’s no time like the present! Don’t let that space go to waste this summer when you could be relaxing by the pool. Consider these tips for planning a pool renovation. 

Renovate with a Clear Goal

Make sure you start your renovation with clear goals in mind. It’s really easy to get caught up in all the possibilities and end up off in the weeds. At A-Quality Pool Service, our pool experts can help you focus on what your goals are for your backyard space. If you have a pool that simply needs some cosmetic upgrades, then you want to focus your time and energy choosing those design elements that you love! We can help with tiling your outdoor space or adding coping to the side of your vinyl-lined pool. These are relatively simple upgrades that can go a long way to improving the look of your space. If you have more serious issues like a crack, then you will need to focus your time and energy there first. Our experts can help you identify the most important goals and personalize your pool renovation.

Renovate for Efficiency 

Another great reason to renovate your pool is simply because things are old and out of date. Just like any technology, pool equipment continues to get better and more efficient as technology advances. And, just like anything, pools need to be upgraded and maintained. We recommend renovating with efficiency and, ultimately, cost savings in mind. It may seem like your renovations will cost you money, but there is also a huge potential in savings with more efficient pool equipment. For example, pumps from Pentair are ENERGY STAR® Certified and can save money on utility costs over time. Pentair also offers pool control systems to streamline your whole backyard experience! When you’re considering renovating, you should definitely consider ways you can save money and increase efficiency with your upgrades.  

Research and Consultation

Two of the best things you can do when renovating your pool and backyard space is to do your research and utilize the experts. Definitely research online to see what style you’d like to achieve in your backyard space. See what options you have and what designs appeal to your tastes. But also recognize that the world of pool renovation is deep and wide. Why waste time and energy sifting through all of that information by yourself when there are experts who are capable and excited to help you figure out what will work best for you? Your space, tastes, and needs are unique to you, so your renovation plans should be, too! 

Has your pool been out of commission for some time? With these tips for planning a pool renovation, it’s time to get your pool swim ready! Every pool will need renovations eventually, so why not look into it sooner rather than later? Give us a call at A-Quality Pools, so we can start the consultation and renovation process to get you floating in your pool in time for summer.

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