What Do I Do if Tree Roots Grow into My Swimming Pool?

What do I do if tree roots grow into my swimming pool?

With any amount of time spent skimming the surface of a pool, it’s easy to imagine why having trees nearby could be a nuisance. Leaves, twigs, acorns, and other debris can easily fall into your pool — making an unsightly mess. It can also put extra stress on your pool’s filtration system to keep the water and pool interior clean. But even more of a problem can be with what lies below the surface: tree roots.

Depending on the species, some tree roots can grow over 15 feet out in every direction. They can cause damage to your pool’s foundation, walls, lining, and piping. So, what do I do if tree roots grow into my swimming pool? If you suspect there is a problem, quick action is important to minimize damage. Start with these actions.

Remove the Tree

First and foremost, you will need to have the tree and the tree roots removed from your pool area. This will eliminate the threat and prevent any further damage. In order to remove the tree, you may need to have a tree removal expert fell the tree safely. It’s also usually best to also have the stump and roots removed as well. If not uprooted, these remaining parts will eventually rot and leave an empty space that can cause shifting or other damage to your deck and pool. Keep in mind, tree roots could easily be wrapped around underground pool piping, so removing the stump and roots should be done with care and forethought.

Have Your Pool Inspected 

If you suspect your pool has damage resulting from tree roots, you should definitely have a trusted pool professional inspect it. At A-Quality Pools, our experienced team is able to inspect your pool to assess the damage and provide you with your repair options. We specialize in pool repair and pool renovations and can help you get your pool back in swimming condition no matter how big or small the damage. Contact us at 817-835-7210 about scheduling an inspection.

How to Prevent Tree Roots from Affecting Your Swimming Pool

Landscaping Choices

One of the best ways to prevent root damage is to choose landscaping around your pool that will not grow deep, invasive roots. Palm trees, for example, as well as many other tropical plants, have shallow, minimal roots that will not spread into your pool. 

Weekly Pool Service

When you sign up for weekly pool service with A-Quality Pools, our professionals do far more than keep the chemicals in your pool water balanced. They also monitor the condition of your pool and take note of changes they observe over time. While visiting your pool every week, they can notice the warning signs that something is amiss, such as tree roots causing a problem. 

Don’t underestimate the strength and fortitude of tree roots near your pool. Concrete and fiberglass pools can be affected by root growth, though vinyl liner pools are most prone to damage. Contact us at A-Quality Pools if you suspect there is a problem or if you want to take measures to prevent a problem due to tree roots. 

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