Warm Winter Desserts from Your Grill

Winter just got a whole lot toastier when you consider all of the warm and wonderful recipes you can make when you fire up a Green Mountain Grill®. When you cook on your Green Mountain Grill, don’t forget that it offers much more versatility than just grilling up meats and vegetables.  Not only can it cook your appetizers, main courses, and sides — this grill can do it all!  A Green Mountain Pellet Grill can even help you serve up warm winter desserts that will satisfy any friend with a sweet tooth who happens to be sitting with you out on the back deck. Take a look at a few delectable dessert recipes offered up by Green Mountain Grills for your cool weather grilling pleasure.

Smoked Chocolate Chip Cookies

Fire up your Green Mountain Pellet Grill instead of the oven to delight your friends and family with sensational warm winter desserts. Who doesn’t love the taste of a warm, home-made cookie chocked full of delicious melt in your mouth chocolate chips? When you use your Green Mountain Grill, you’ll have a whole batch whipped up with ease. And it’s a good thing, too, because let’s face it, no one will be able to eat just one.

Andy’s Grilled Apple Pie Sundae

All-American apple pie paired with cinnamon rolls and smoked in the Green Mountain Grill, makes for a match made in dessert heaven. This is a dessert that is sure to warm you from your taste buds all the way down to your toes. The beauty of a pellet smoker is that they are as easy to use as an oven, but also impart a smoky flavor you cannot get in your oven. The cinnamon, apples, salted caramel and smoke make for an intoxicating flavor combination. Top with ice cream for the ultimate sundae comfort food.

Jim Elser’s Sweet Smoked Bananas

We won’t monkey around when it comes to giving you a dessert idea that is simple, yet creative, delicious, and fast to prepare. Your Green Mountain Grill will make quick work of turning out a bunch of the best looking bananas you’ve ever tasted with this sweet smoked dessert.  

Pellet-Baked Blackberry Crisp

This warm, smoky, berry-filled crisp is sure to please, especially when paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Oozing with blackberry goodness, you’ll keep coming back for more.

With a Green Mountain Grill from A-Quality Pool Service, Inc., you don’t have to limit yourself to just main courses and sides. Give your oven a rest and see just how creative and diverse a pellet grill will allow you to be. You can produce a variety of warm winter desserts that will save you time. Using your grill will give you the freedom to socialize more with your guests. Everyone will be pleasantly surprised at how delicious desserts made with a Green Mountain Grill can be. We would love to help you select the Green Mountain Grill that’s right for you. Don’t waste a second on anything less than the best. Contact us today or stop in our showroom to pick out your perfect Green Mountain Grill to use year-round.

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