What are Some Landscaping Options for My Pool Area Besides “Tropical”?

What are some landscaping options for my pool area besides “tropical”?

Palms trees, birds of paradise, and bamboo are exotic plants that can turn your pool area into a tropical oasis. But if tropical landscaping isn’t the look you want or love, it’s not a problem! There are many other landscaping options you can utilize to give your pool area an inviting and beautiful look. So, what are some landscaping options for my pool area besides “tropical”? Let’s take a look at some of the alternatives.

Non-Tropical Softscaping Options

The plants you choose to landscape the area around your pool will make the biggest impact on avoiding a tropical feel. Instead of plants with large leaves and exotic flowers, choose plants that are native to your area. In North Richland Hills, Texas, some great native shrubs to choose from include American Beautyberry and Autumn Sage.

Keep in mind that non-tropical doesn’t have to mean non-flowering. Your pool landscaping can still be colorful! Consider hydrangeas, knock-out roses, or azalea bushes as flowering landscaping options. You can even add a variety of seasonal potted flowers nearby for additional color and pop. 

You can also choose plants that will serve a purpose. Add evergreen trees like Leyland Cypress or Emerald Green Arborvitae that can create natural screens for privacy. Or, you can strategically add crawling vines like wisteria or grape vines that will add shade to your pool surround. 

Just keep in mind, you want pool landscaping that won’t create more work for you or your pool’s filtration system. Avoid greenery that will have an excess of nuts, pollen, falling leaves, or other debris that will need to be cleaned out of your pool often. Also, avoid plants with sprawling root systems that could interfere with the structure of your pool underground. 

Non-Tropical Hardscaping Options

Pool Surround

The pool surround is the material or ground immediately surrounding your pool. A new or renovated pool surround can give your pool a stylish, modern feel and promote the look you want. While concrete and wooden decks are the most common pool surrounds, other options include brick or stone pavers. Another stylish option is concrete that can be colored, textured, and patterned to give your pool a whole new look. Keep in mind, your pool surround should promote safety. You don’t want any texture that is slippery or a walking hazard. A-Quality Pools can help you with a pool renovation for a new pool surround you will love. 


Lighting can certainly make an impact on your pool area’s ambience. Obviously, you want to avoid tiki torches and pineapple shaped string lights. But more practically, for a non-tropical feel, consider new, modern lighting fixtures for your deck or patio. Also, solar lighting or sconces on fence posts and spotlights on your bushes can provide an attractive way to highlight your pool landscaping. String lights are also very popular and can give a space into a relaxed and welcoming feel.

To learn more about landscaping options for your pool, contact us at A-Quality Pools. Our team can help you design a beautiful pool area that fits your style and budget. Additionally, we can help you modernize your pool with a pool renovation. Give us a call today to begin your journey to the backyard of your dreams!

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