What Are the Advantages of a Pellet Grill?

What are the advantages of a pellet grill?

Today is a great day for grilling! In fact, at A-Quality Pools, we think everyday is a great day to grill, and there is no better ally than the amazing, fan favorite Green Mountain® Pellet Grill. But what makes a pellet grill so great?  Let us explain the advantages of a pellet grill and why you will love having one.

Savor Mouthwatering Flavor Every Time

Let’s start with the most important category: How does it taste? Green Mountain Pellet Grills deliver that tender, juicy, mouthwatering smokehouse flavor you desire. Together, the hardwood pellets along with the unique heat distribution system create a one-of-a-kind taste that will have you licking your fingers and planning your next meal from the grill. You can grill up the most incredible burgers, smoked jerky, and beef brisket. But a pellet grill isn’t just for beef! With a GMG pellet grill, you get the luxury of versatility. Enjoy pizza, sourdough bread, breakfast quiche, and grilled veggies, and more. The culinary possibilities are endless with a pellet grill.

For additional flavor options, you can vary the hardwood pellet type. Choose from our premium Texas, Fruitwood, Apple, or Gold blends. Also, check out the Green Mountain Grill BBQ dry rubs available in a variety of flavors.

Enjoy User-Friendly Features

With exceptional ease of use and intuitive features, Green Mountain pellet grills are the best premium grill for any griller regardless of experience. First time grillers and seasoned pitmasters alike will love their pellet grill and the food it creates.

Ready to start grilling? Green Mountain Pellet Grills could not be easier to get started. Simply fill the hopper with your favorite Green Mountain hardwood pellets then press the red power button to ignite the firebox. Within minutes, your grill will heat up to the standard 150 degrees, at which point you can adjust the temperature to your desired cooking heat.  

With an advanced heat shield design and Venturi-style vented firebox, Green Mountain Grills boast consistent heat for accurate and even cooking. You can also monitor your grilling progress with GMG’s digital monitoring system. Using your smartphone, view and control the grill’s temperature, receive low pellet alerts, and set cooking timers. You can even use probes to monitor the food’s internal temperature or fire up your Green Mountain Pellet Grill remotely!

Make Use of a Massive Grill Area

No matter which Green Mountain Grill you choose, the peaked lid design of these pellet grills allows for a substantial cooking space. With multi-level racks, you can fit meats, sides, and dessert all at once. In fact, the height from cooking surface to the signature peaked lid is an impressive 13.5 inches (7.5 inches for the portable Trek® Grill). 

You will not regret the addition of a Green Mountain Pellet Grill to your outdoor grilling experience. To learn more about these exceptional grills, stop by A-Quality Pools in North Richland Hills. Our team will be happy to walk you through the Prime® and Choice® Grill options. Get started with a Green Mountain Grill today!

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