What Do I Do to My Texas Pool If Freezing Temps are Forecasted

What Do I Do to My Texas Pool If Freezing Temps are Forecasted

We all remember the Valentine’s Day winter storm of 2021 that took all of Texas by surprise. At least in recent history, we had never before experienced the dangerous concoction of multiple days below freezing compounded by no electricity and plenty of ice and snow. In fact, the Dallas area recorded its lowest temperature since 1930 with an overnight low of -2 degrees. Millions were left with no electricity, no heat, and no running water for many days. 

Those who had not winterized their Texas pool were vulnerable to damage, potentially extensive and irreversible. Pool owners were faced with harmed filters, pumps, pool tiles or liners, heaters, and more. Then, in the storm’s wake, there was a shortage of equipment to repair and rebuild pools due to the high demand. The lesson we all learned from that winter storm was the need to be prepared. Winter storms of that severity are rare here in Texas, but at A-Quality Pools, we want you to be ready if it were to happen again, even on a smaller scale. What do I do to my Texas pool if freezing temperatures are forecasted? 

Before Winter Weather Arrives at Your Texas Pool 

When winter weather has been forecasted, make use of the time to prepare your pool. Start by balancing the chemicals and cleaning out the skimmers and filters. You will then want to make sure the water level in your pool is up to the middle of your skimmer plates. Next, if you have one, remove your automatic pool cleaner and store it inside until the freezing temperatures have passed. 

What to Do if You Expect to Maintain Power During Freezing Temperatures

If you expect to have power through the winter storm or if you have a backup generator, then the best game plan is to keep your pool pump and filter running around the clock. This will keep your pool water constantly moving and prevent it from freezing. If you have a variable speed pump, turn it to the highest setting. Make sure all valves and lines are open on your pool equipment so water can move. You can also help protect exposed plumbing and pipes by wrapping them in blankets, towels, tarps, or pool noodles for insulation.

What to Do if You Might Lose Power to Your Texas Pool This Winter

Start by turning off and draining all of your pool equipment. Power everything off even at the breakers to prevent anything from automatically turning on when power has been restored. Then open your pool filter’s air relief valve and remove all the plugs and lids from all pool equipment. Finally, you can wrap any exposed pipes or pool equipment in blankets, towels, tarps, or pool noodles for extra protection.  

What to Do Once Warmer Temperatures Return 

One of the best parts about living in Texas is that warmer weather is always just a few days away. When the temperatures are above freezing, start by evaluating the condition of your pool. Examine the pool’s water line for cracked tiles as well as the pipes and equipment for any visible damage. You can also contact our service team at A-Quality Pools to inspect your pool. If you shut down your pool equipment, be sure that there is water in the system before turning it back on. 

While most weather experts agree that we will not have a winter storm like the one from 2021 for some time, Texas pool owners should be prepared for winter and the possibility of freezing temperatures. If you have further questions about caring for your pool during Texas winter weather, contact your local pool experts at A-Quality Pools

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